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Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberpsychos: Tips, Tactics & Attacks

Status: Gold
Release: 10.12.2020
Game version: 1.23

Civilians bear the brunt of Cyberpsycho attacks in Cyberpunk 2077. Not surprisingly, fixer Regina hires V to take out 17 Cyberpsychos in Night City. Our Guide reveals how you can pull this off with ease.

This guide explains the following things you need to know about the Cyberpsychos in Cyberpunk 2077:

  • where and when you will meet Cyberpsychos
  • The specific weaknesses of each opponent
  • Which equipment and tactics will help you advancing against them

General Tips for Fighting Cyberpsychos

The Cyberpsychos are 17 unique enemies that you can find in the open world of Cyberpunk 2077. You have to neutralize them for the Fixer Regina Jones in the side mission “Psycho Killer”. These offer a decent challenge – especially when the missions are marked with the difficulty “Medium” or “High” in your journal.

Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberpsychos Fixer Regina Jones stands next to a panoramic window overlooking Night City
Fixer Regina Jones tasks you with neutralizing 17 Cyberpsychos. © S4G / CD Project Red

Of course, you could also tackle them only when they are marked as “Very Easy”. But that would take away from the excitement, and the loot is also only really useful if you have a level close to that of the Cyberpsychos. The tips in this guide are meant for players who want to compete on a one-on-one basis with some of Night City’s most batshit crazy and dangerous inhabitants, as opposed to a FOTM_Mantisblade-Uber-Rambo melee playing style.

  • Complete all Cyberpsycho attacks and you will receive the trophy “I Am The Law”. Read more about all available trophies & achievements in our Cyperpunk 2077 Achievements Guide.

How to make your battles against Cyberpsychos easier

  • Sneak and scan: Even if you normally enter new areas with all guns blazing, you should go for a quiet approach when dealing with Cyberpsychos: On the one hand, you have the first strike – this will save you from unnecessary loading screens when you fight against Snipers. On the other hand, you have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the environment and the possibilities it offers. There are explosive containers and equipment in many areas, which are useful for distraction maneuvers or scouting (remote access to security cameras). Thus, you’ll be able to mark enemies quietly, and you’ll also learn more about their resistances and weaknesses during the scanning.
  • Use Tech Weapons: Many Cyberpsychos are vulnerable to Shock damage, which Tech Weapons deal by default. Additionally, tech weapons can be used to shoot through walls and other obstacles – albeit reducing the dealt damage. This is useful for enemies who like to hide behind cover or to flee into other rooms.
    Tip: The charged shots of Tech Shotguns are great finishers at close range, and they also help to weaken the enemy significantly.
  • Use Smart Weapons: Unless you’re playing a heavily armored melee build for V, it’s best not to get up close and personal with Cyberpsychos. The target-seeking ammunition of Smart Weapons allows you to damage the target without getting too close. This is also a good choice for entrenched enemies or movement-intensive fights.
    Tip: Get the reward for the side mission “The Gig” after completing the main mission “The Heist”. Besides some Eddies, V gets a Smart Link tattoo for his hands, which allows you to use Smart Weapons.
  • Bring your Sniper Rifle: For some enemies, you’ll make your life easier if you play as a Sniper. Even without having unlocked perks for rifle usage, damaging enemies from a distance is always a good way to start. Tech Sniper Rifles are helpful against most Cyberpsychos, as they are often vulnerable to Shock Damage – this way you get the maximum effect out of the first shot.
  • Keep enough grenades with you: The cheapest way to adapt to different enemies and situations is to have an abundant stockpile of grenades. The grenades you collect during missions and in the city alone provide you with plenty of options: EMP grenades for enemies with a lot of Cyberware, Frag, and Incendiary Grenades cause Thermal Damage, Biohazard Grenades cause Poisoning effects, and Antipersonnel Grenades are very effective against poorly equipped enemies. The “Can’t touch this” Perk from the Engineering Perk Tree (Technical Ability 3, 1 level), which makes you immune to the effects of your own grenades, enables grenade spamming even in close quarters. By the way, you can find more useful perks for grenade usage and any other playstyle in our Cyberpunk 2077 Attributes and Perks Guide.
  • Use the right quickhacks: We’ve listed which quickhacks work particularly well on which Cyberpsychos in the table below. Many hacks can be performed using a Cyberdeck with an average amount of RAM (up to 10 RAM), so even if you don’t specialize in Netrunner Perks, you’ll still have some tools to hurt your enemies. “Weapon Glitch” and damage-over-time quickhacks like “Overheat” are almost universally applicable.
  • Use Cyberware: “Reinforced Tendons” or “Fortified Ankles” are helpful for moving out of melee range quickly during combat. With a purchase price of 45,000 Eurodollars, Cyberware for the legs is not exactly cheap. However, they are still worth it, even in normal missions. Alternatively, you can buy a Projectile Launch System for V’s arm. It can be equipped with missiles for different types of damage (Chemical, Thermal, Shock Damage) or for a Stun effect. Swap the ammunition type accordingly to the weaknesses of your opponents beforehand – yet another reason to scout the area thoroughly first. You can learn everything you need to know about Cyberware in our big Cyberware and Cyberware Mods Guide.
  • Loot the areas: In addition to Regina Jones’ payment for each Cyberpsycho mission, there’s a lot of loot lying around in the combat areas, on corpses, in crates, and elsewhere. Moreover, each Cyberpsycho gives you at least one high-value item – and often Cyberware Mods, money, and other equipment. This is a convenient way for money seekers to make a few extra eddies. Check out our Guide on Earning Money in Cyberpunk 2077 for more tips and tricks.

Useful Quickhacks against Cyberpsychos

All Cyberpsychos are vulnerable to a special quickhack: “System Reset” ends a fight instantly! However, this Quickhack is not available at the beginning of the game and is quite difficult to obtain. With a Technical Ability of 16 and the “Hacker Overlord” Perk in the Crafting Perk Tree, V can craft the “System Reset” quickhack themself. Or V finds them – and this happens only with a lot of luck – as loot.

Unless you’re one of Night City’s crafters or lucky devils, you’ll have to find another way: We’ve listed all other quickhacks that are effective against certain Cyberpsychos in the table below. The quickhacks “Suicide”, “Overheat” (alternatively “Contagion”), and “Weapon Glitch” have proven to be quite effective against most Cyberpsychos. And some of these quickhacks can be bought in low-quality levels from Netrunners. For more information, read our comprehensive Cyberpunk 2077 Hacking Guide.

  • The only damage-over-time quickhack listed in the table is “Overheat”. If a Cyberpsycho is resistant to Thermal Damage, simply replace it with the “Contagion” quickhack.

Overview of Useful quickhacks for fighting Cyberpsychos

SuicideOverheat Weap.
1Alec JohnsonXXXX
2Matt LiawXXX
3Lt. MowerXXX
4Zaria HughesXXXX
5Ellis CarterXXX
6Lely HeinXXX
7Diego RamirezXXXXX
8Ben DeBallionXXXXX
9Euralio AlmaXX
10Zion WyldeXXX
11Russell GreeneXXXX
12Chase ColeyXX
13Tamara CosbyXXXX
14Cedric MullerXXX
15Norio AkuharaXXXX
16Dao HyunhXXXXX
17Gaston PhilipsXXXXXX

Cyberpsycho Locations Map

Regina Jones contacts you after the main mission “The Rescue” and tasks you with the side mission “Psycho Killer”. You’ll be able to approach the Cyberpsychos in the Watson district in the beginning. Once you have completed the main mission “The Heist”, the lockdown of the district will be lifted and you will have access to almost all Cyberpsychos. Only “Lex Talionis” will be unlocked at a later date.

  • The Cyberpsycho locations will not appear on the map until you approach their vicinity. You will receive a call from the fixer, and the accompanying mission will appear in the “Missions” section of your journal.

Overview of all Cyberpsycho Locations

Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberpsycho Guide Locations of all Cyberpsychos Map
A total of 17 cyberpsychos are wreaking havoc in Night City and the surrounding areas.

Overview of all Cyberpsycho Sightings

1Ticket to the Major LeaguesWatsonAlec Johnson
2Demons of WarWatsonMatt Liaw
3Lt. MowerWatsonLieutenant Mower
4Bloody RitualWatsonZaria Hughes
5Where the Bodies hit the FloorWatsonEllis Carter
6Six Feet UnderWatsonLely Hein
7Smoke on the WaterPacificaDiego Ramirez
8Lex TalionisPacificaBen DeBallion
9The WastelandBadlandsEuralio Alma
10Second ChancesBadlandsZion Wylde
11House on a HillBadlandsRussell Greene
12Discount DocSanto DomingoChase Coley
13Too Little, Too LateSanto DomingoTamara Cosby
14On deaf EarsCity CenterCedric Muller
15Phantom of Night CityCity CenterNorio Akuhara
16Seaside CaféHeywoodDao Hyunh
17Letter of the LawHeywoodGaston Philips

Cyberpsycho Sightings in Watson

01: Ticket to the Major Leagues

  • District: Watson, Little China
  • Unlocked after: The Rescue
  • Fast Travel Dataterm: Clarendon Street
  • Name of the Target: Alec Johnson
  • Reward: 1.050 €$

Head towards the objective area. Scan the area as soon as you spot a corpse ahead. A security camera is placed above the entrance to the area, which you can use to break into the system via “Breach Protocol”. Use the “Mass Vulnerability” quickhack (if you have it). Sneak deeper into the area and go around the crates on your left. Alec Johnson is standing in front of an opened garage gate. Mark him and open the fight with offensive quickhacks such as “Suicide” or “Overheat”.

Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberpsychos view from above on combat area of the mission Little China
Cyberpsycho Alec Johnson walks back and forth within the area in front of the garages. © S4G / CD Project Red

Johnson will soon flee to a helipad in the back of the area and fire at you. Storming the elevated position is not a good idea because of his machine gun! Take cover and attack him with ranged weapons and/or quickhacks. Use the “Weapon Glitch” quickhack if you need a break from his shooting.

Grenades are also useful, as long as you have a good view on him. Johnson is equipped with the melee Cyberware “Gorilla Arms“, and he switches to melee as soon as his health drops below 50 percent. He will hurt you badly if you let him get near you.

Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberpsychos View from below on enemy firing from elevated position
Alec Johnson fires at you from an elevated position during the first half of the fight. © S4G / CD Project Red

Retreat and use Shotguns or the “Cyberware Malfunction” quickhack to either inflict damage or to prevent him from using his Gorilla Arms efficiently. You’ll have a much easier time avoiding his attacks if you possess Cyberware with Sandevistan Reflex Boosters. Once you’ve unlocked the “Can’t touch this” Perk (Engineering Perk Tree, Technical Ability 3, 1 level), simply decorate your path with many grenades – after all, only Johnson will be damaged by the effects.

Shards: On Alec Johnson, on the body in the open garage (you need to perform a successful hack to access the information on this shard).

02: Demons of War

  • District: Watson, Kabuki
  • Unlocked after: The Rescue
  • Fast Travel Dataterm: All Foods Plant
  • Name of the Target: Matt Liaw
  • Reward: 1.180 €$

Approach the unfinished highway part slowly, and hide as soon as the policeman and the robot get shot by Matt Liaw at the level of the camping tents. Use the cover of the containers on the right to get out of his sight and climb on top of both containers. You can take a good shot with a long-range weapon from above. Observe Liaw’s walking route to catch a convenient timing – he keeps walking aimlessly back and forth in the rear area.

Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberpsychos distant long-range combat opponent in a construction site environment
Sniper Liaw takes aim at you from far away – yes, the little red dot is your enemy! © S4G / CD Project Red

Or you could use a damaging quickhack, followed by “Weapon Glitch” to force him to drop his sniper rifle, weakening him significantly.

Do not engage in a sniper duel under any circumstances, as he takes out everyone who is at the same level as him with just one shot.

Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberpsychos View from above on the combat area of the "Demons of War" mission
Cyberpsycho Matt Liaw runs around aimlessly in the back of the unfinished street. © S4G / CD Project Red

If you’re a melee fighter, sneak along the left side of the road at the very edge until you reach the blue container, and then approach Liaw from behind. Sneaky fighters use a takedown, offensive fighters rely on Flashbangs and Frag Grenades while rushing towards him. Be careful: Liaw can still deal out a lot of damage in close combat thanks to his submachine gun!

Shards: On a body on the right in the back area opposite the blue container, and in the messages on the laptop inside the blue container.

03: Lt. Mower

  • District: Watson, Kabuki
  • Unlocked after: The Rescue
  • Fast Travel Dataterm: Creek Loop
  • Name of the Target: Lieutenant Mower
  • Reward: 1.180 €$

The objective area is indicated by a Militech car parked in front of a house corner. Go closer and collect the first info shard from the dead Militech soldier. Sneak further down – the fight will start automatically when you reach the bottom of the stairs. The second entrance to the battle area is blocked by an invisible wall at the beginning of the mission – so you have to take the marked entrance. Lieutenant Mower will spot you as soon as you turn the corner.

Attention: Recon Grenades are automatically fried in her vicinity without having any effect on her.

Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberpsychos Rushing burning and cyberware-blurred opponent in backyard
Due to her Cyberware, Lieutenant Mower becomes blurry when she charges towards you at the beginning of the battle. © S4G / CD Project Red

Luckily, Lieutenant Mower is vulnerable to Shock Damage – Tech Weapons will come in handy during this fight. You can also throw EMP Grenades to disable her cloaking abilities. Netrunners can also use the Cyberware Malfunction quickhack to disrupt the cloaking field. Sufficient damage can also disable this effect.

Lieutenant Mower moves very fast. The quickhack “Cripple Movement” is extremely useful because of this. Damage-over-time effects like Overheat or Contagion will also take a toll on her life bar.

  • Attention: If you retreat to the street, Mower will get stuck in the stairs due to a bug, and attacking her will be counted as a criminal act! (Version 1.04)
Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberpsychos Opponent Lieutenant Mower generates electric lightning while standing
Lieutenant Mower’s broken cyberware generates short circuits that cause shock damage via puddles. © S4G / CD Project Red

Avoid submerged areas and move only on the slopes at the edge if possible, as Mower will electrocute the water with malfunctions of her Cyberware, which causes you damage over time. Shock immunity through the perk “Insulation” from the Engineering Perk Tree (Technical Ability 14, 1 level) or suitable equipment (for example, the Cyberware Grounding Plating) will make the fight easier.

Empty the pockets of all dead Militech soldiers after the fight, and keep an eye out for Militech crates on the floor as well – there are plenty of Eurodollars and items stashed inside.

Shards: On the soldier in front of the area entrance and on Lieutenant Mower.

04: Bloody Ritual

  • District: Watson, Northside
  • Unlocked after: Playing for Time, only at night (after 8:00 PM)
  • Fast Travel Dataterm: Docks
  • Name of the Target: Zaria Hughes
  • Reward: 1.300 €$

The Maelstrom gang has prepared a bloody ritual circle with plenty of corpses around a brightly lit and open freezer. A Maelstrom member is dying: take a shard from him and crack the encryption before reading it. Scan the corpses, the deep freezer, and all other yellow-marked spots until Johnny alerts you to a corpse behind a crate. Go there and examine the corpse. Then Johnny will tell you that you are not alone.

  • It may happen that the mission freezes at this point and that Johnny won’t alert you to the corpse and subsequently to the enemy. For this reason, create a save file before entering the area. Ignore Johnny after his first comment and only approach the crate in the corner after you have scanned all the other objects and bodies.
Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberpsychos Ritual place with bloody corpses around lit open freezer
Cyberpsycho Zaria Hughes will emerge from this deep freeze later on. © S4G / CD Project Red

Cyberpsycho Zaria Huges emerges from the deep freeze. She moves extremely fast and prefers to attack in close combat using her Mantis Blades. Don’t let her get too close and try to kite her around the freezer (i.e. lure her towards you while she is still unable to inflict damage with her melee weapons).

Alternatively, retreat onto crates to get out of the Mantis Blades’ range. Shoot with a charged Tech Shotgun at her, as she’s vulnerable to Shock Damage. Restrain Hughes’ urge to move with the “Cripple Movement” quickhack.

Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberpsychos Opponent Zaria Hughes prepares for new attack while she's on fire.
Inflict a Burn effect on the crazed cultist to damage her more over time. © S4G / CD Project Red

Damage-over-time quickhacks like “Overheat” or “Short Circuit” also drain her health while you’re putting some distance between you and her. She can take a lot of damage, so your first goal should be to force her to switch from the Mantis Blades to the Pistol – perhaps with the “Cyberware Malfunction” quickhack.

She will still rake you with them, but the damage is noticeably lower. Ranged fighters have a hard time, since the combat area is relatively small, and Hughes resets as soon as you leave it. The only thing that helps here is running away, inflicting damage, healing, inflicting damage, and so forth.

Shards: On the body of a cultist and on Zaria Hughes.

05: Where the Bodies hit the Floor

  • District: Watson, Northside
  • Unlocked after: The Rescue
  • Fast Travel Dataterm: Pershing Street
  • Name of the Target: Ellis Carter
  • Reward: 1.300 €$

Approach the target area carefully: as soon as you enter the area, you will see a lot of corpses left behind by the Cyberpsycho. Sneak past the overturned dark green dumpster to the right. Right ahead, another corpse sticks out from behind a dark metal container. Carter lurks behind said container.

Sneak diagonally to the other side of the alley to mark him, and either perform a first quickhack (“Cripple Movement” should be your first choice to cripple Carter) or attempt a silent takedown.

Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberpsychos Opponent hides behind large metal container
Carter Ellis lurks behind a large metal container in the back alley. © S4G / CD Project Red

If you’re opting for a stealthy approach, you’ll have to be quick, because he”ll turn towards you as soon as the mission objective is updated. Alternatively, a headshot from a sniper rifle is good to start with – the more damage you inflict in a short time, the merrier.

Carter moves very quickly and dodges projectiles, and he can deal some serious melee damage with his machete. Since he is vulnerable to Shock Damage, you should ideally use a Tech Shotgun when he gets too close. Otherwise, Tech Rifles with high magazine capacity are recommended.

Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberpsychos Opponent is near death after explosion
There is not much left of your enemy’s life bar after the big boiler (left) has exploded. © S4G / CD Project Red

Apart from the quickhack “Cripple Movement”, “Overheat”, “Contagion” and “Short Circuit” should help as well, since Carter has Resistances to Physical Damage. Use the containers and junk cars to take cover. Try to lure Carter next to the big wine-red boiler on the left side of the alley where you found him, and blow up that boiler – the explosion damage will significantly reduce the Cyberpsycho’s health points.

Shards: On Ellis Carter and by the body just in front of Carter’s hiding place.

06: Six Feet Under

  • District: Watson, Northside
  • Unlocked after: The Rescue
  • Fast Travel Dataterm: Offshore Street
  • Name of the Target: Lely Hein
  • Reward: 1.300 €$

Approach from the street, sneak past the Maelstrom wagons and enter the compound. Follow the tracks to the right towards the building, but stay close to the wagons. Scan the area for explosive containers that can come in handy during the fight. Lely Hein is lurking at the end of the tracks, looking in your direction.

Mark him and hide between the wagons again, then bypass him from the left or right side. Hack one of the tech gadgets around him to distract him, and perform a stealthy takedown on him.

Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberpsychos Opponent looks at a sparking server
Distract the Cyberpsycho by hacking one of the gadgets in the environment so you can sneak up on him from above without being noticed. © S4G / CD Project Red

You can also enter the fight by shooting him in the head with a Sniper Rifle or by using offensive quickhacks like “Cyberware Malfunction”, “Overheat”, and “Suicide”. Tech Weapons perform well as he is vulnerable to Shock Damage.

Lely Hein is a ranged fighter armed with a Sniper Rifle. So keep him in close combat or use Shotguns to weaken him considerably.

Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberpsychos Angriff auf kurzer Distanz auf abgelenkten Gegner
Damaging the opponent’s Cyberware will give you enough breathing room for a direct attack. © S4G / CD Project Red

Once Hein has only 50% life left, he flees to a red-lit area on the left side and from there into an obscure warehouse. Finish him off as quickly as possible so that the fight doesn’t turn into a long hunting session. Use the quickhack “Weapon Glitch” to spoil his fun when he grabs a weapon. Use such moments to reach him or to hit him with a full load of damage.

Shards: On Lely Hein and optionally on a Maelstromer body inside a wagon in the second area.

Cyberpsycho Sightings in Pacifica

07: Smoke on the Water

  • District: Pacifica
  • Unlocked after: The Rescue
  • Fast Travel Dataterm: Pacifica Pier
  • Name of the Target: Diego Ramirez
  • Reward: 2.170 €$

Look for a red van with open doors down on the beach. Scan the body on the cargo bed or pick it up and go up the stairs on the left of the van towards the pier.

The first scavenger corpse (with a Shard) lies on the stairs. Scan the three corpses in front of the center vending house out of the three vending houses at the pier. Examine the body that looks like the leader and take his shard. Ramirez is waiting at the very end of the pier, where you will have little cover in the fight.

Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberpsychos Van with open doors on beach under a pier
You will find important information about the background of the Cyberpsycho attack inside this van. © S4G / CD Project Red

Go round the outermost booth and take cover behind the flower boxes. Wait until he turns his back on you and initiate the fight with quickhacks like “Suicide” or “Contagion”.

If you’re playing as a Sniper, proceed as follows: first, climb onto the white counter on the right side of the sales booth next to the All Foods crate, and then climb straight up onto the roof near the umbrella. Clear visibility allows for one or more headshots.

Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberpsychos View on Ramirez and the combat area from above at the end of a pier
You have perfect visibility on your enemy from the roof of the sales booth. © S4G / CD Project Red

Stop Ramirez from closing in on you too quickly via the “Cripple Movement” quickhack and pump him up with lead. As long as he can’t beam through the area, grenades are also a good call. Should you be on the ground and things get tight, try using the quickhack “Weapon Glitch” to disarm Ramirez for a moment. Next, you should either finish him off quickly or look for a new hiding place.

Shards: In the van under the pier; on the scavenger on the stairs; on the leader’s body; on Diego Raimrez.

08: Lex Talionis

  • District: Pacifica
  • Unlocked after: Transmission
  • Fast Travel Dataterm: Grand Imperial Mall
  • Name of the Target: Ben DeBallion aka “SpaceBoy”
  • Reward: 1.050 €$

Open the shutter door and use the remote control of the security camera at the top left of the door to look around. Switch between the four cameras: two robots and two flying drones are in the back area of the garage, separated by a plastic curtain. As soon as you perform a quickhack, the Cyberpsycho appears in the back area and he will start performing hacks like “Overheat” on you.

Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberpsychos Security camera image from Netrunner hideout
The security camera lets you take a peek into your enemy’s lair. © S4G / CD Project Red

Retreat to the garage entrance to avoid crossfire and use EMP grenades, Tech Weapons or other ranged weapons to get rid of robots and drones. Don’t fight on the beach, though, as that will surely attract Animals or Scavenger gang members in the area – the sheer overwhelming force will definitely kill you.

Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberpsychos Opponent Ben DeBallion attacks with pistol
Netrunner Ben DeBallion can’t withstand much, therefore prioritize attacking him in close combat. © S4G / CD Project Red

DeBallion moves quickly from cover to cover inside his garage. Use grenades to flush him out of corners where you cannot take a shot at him, or go straight for melee. Like most Netrunners, he can’t withstand much direct fire and is easy prey once his guard bots and drones are gone. Use the confines of the building to hit as many enemies as possible at once through area damage.

Shard: Messages in the computer in the back left corner of the area.

Cyberpsycho Sightings in the Badlands

09: The Wasteland

  • District: Badlands
  • Unlocked after: The Rescue
  • Fast Travel Dataterm: Edgewood Farm
  • Name of the Target: Euralio Alma
  • Reward: 2.170 €$

Examine the corpse in front of the car at the crash site with the vehicle and the truck, and read the shard. Scan the area for any blood trails and follow them north to a camp with a smoking fire. The lurking Cyberpsycho controls an exoskeleton whose weak point is the battery on its back. If you manage to destroy it, Euralio will no longer be able to use his giant red tower shield, which he uses to deflect incoming damage.

Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberpsychos Blick aus der Zieloptik auf den Rücken des Gegners inklusive markierter Schwachstelle
The marked battery is your enemy’s weak point: if you destroy it, he can no longer use his shield. © S4G / CD Project Red

If you’re not interested in a stealthy takedown from the north, you can still try to destroy the battery via the “Short Circuit” quickhack. But even without his shield, Euralio is still a persistent enemy with lots of health and a devastating ranged attack that you better avoid.

Use quickhacks like “Contagion” or “Suicide”. “Overheat” is not recommended due to the cyberpsycho’s high Resistance to Thermal Damage. The best quickhack against Euralio Alma is “Weapon Glitch”, which prevents him from using his weapon for a short period of time, allowing you to burn him.

Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberpsychos Fight with the Tech Shotgun against boss in exoskeleton
“Boom!”: The exploding tank on the left has given Euralio Alma plenty of pain. © S4G / CD Project Red

Hide behind the two trailers or jump on the roof to get into a better position for shooting. As soon as Alma loses sight of you, he will follow a fixed route. However, he will run after you as soon as he spots you. You can fire target-seeking ammo with Smart Weapons from cover should his attacks hit you too hard. Otherwise, try to sneak up on him and give him hell with Shotguns. Also, blow up the explosive tanks and containers when Alma gets close to them.

Shards: On the body at the crash site and on Euralio Alma.

10: Second Chances

  • District: Badlands
  • Unlocked after: The Rescue
  • Fast Travel Dataterm: Far Ridge
  • Name of the Target: Zion Wylde
  • Reward: 2.170 €$

Stop at the side of the road and examine the Raffen Shiv vehicle and the corpse next to it. Scan the area and follow the tire tracks to another car near a smoking campfire. There you will find a corpse with a Shard. Scan the bloodstains and the voodoo symbol on the rock nearby – you’ll suddenly be shot at in the next moment.

Run towards the trailers next to the windmill with the yellow platform – Zion Wylde will fire at you from there. Zion is a very good sniper and shoots immediately when you dare to come out of cover.

Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberpsychos rusty wind turbine in Mojave desert used as a combat area
The Cyberpsycho fires at you from the platform on the windmill. © S4G / CD Project Red

You have several options to take him out: Either you can go for a sniper duel, which is recommended if you are specialized in sniping or if you have the Sniper Rifle Overwatch – even inexperienced shooters can easily aim at long distances with it.

When he has about a third of his life energy left, Wylde will leave his platform and try to escape into the desert. Chase him down and engage him in hand-to-hand combat or finish him off with a Shotgun.

Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberpsychos Fight with a Shotgun against Cyberpsycho Zion Wylde
Chase Wylde into the desert, finish him off in hand-to-hand combat or with a Shotgun. © S4G / CD Project Red

Netrunners and Melee Fighters approach the platform cautiously: Wylde has scattered some booby traps on the ground that you will have to deactivate or avoid by a wide margin. There are also laser traps above the ladder to the platform. Use the security camera on the platform to disarm traps via remote connection and climb up to deal with Wylde in melee, with a Shotgun or by using offensive quickhacks such as “Overheat” or “Suicide”.

In case you don’t have any effective quickhacks at your disposal: head towards the small trailer near the platform (make sure to keep a lot of distance when going to the trailer), climb onto the roof and attack Wylde with an Assault Rifle and/or grenades until he exits the platform. This will cost you some healing sprays, but you will avoid the mines and close combat.

Shard: On a Raffen Shiv body at the second car and on Zion Wylde.

11: House on a Hill

  • District: Badlands
  • Unlocked after: The Rescue
  • Fast Travel Dataterm: Rocky Ridge
  • Name of the Target: Russell Greene
  • Reward: 2.170 €$

The next Cyberpsycho hides at a farm in the Badlands. Do not take the mined main entrance onto the property – head to the hole in the fence at the back of the farm instead. Scan the area and wait until you see the patrolling aerial drone. Take it out with one or more “Short Circuit” quickhacks and disable the turret on the building right in front of you.

Enter the area and hide behind the boulders on the right. You should now be able to see the second drone. Take it out and deactivate the second turret on the roof of the house.

Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberpsychos view on the house with marked gun turrets.
Watch out for the turrets on the roof when entering the area.

Climb on the boulder, scan the bodies near the green dumpster and sneak past the white car on the righthand side, behind the dumpster. Russell Greene hides inside the open garage.

Attack him with the “Cyberware Malfunction” quickhack or throw a Flashbang to incapacitate him briefly. Take a few clean shots at his head as well. Melee fighters seize the opportunity to get up close and personal.

Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberpsychos View into the garage and on the opponent through a scope
Cyberpsycho Russell Greene resides inside the garage – perfect for snipers! © S4G / CD Project Red

Take cover when Greene pulls out his shotgun – he can do some serious damage with it! Use the quickhack “Weapon Glitch” to get a breather, and attack him either with Melee Weapons or Shotguns. Alternatively, you can hide and try to attack him from a distance – or to perform some hacks on him.

Greene has no special resistances, but also no weaknesses, so just use the most penetrating weapons you have specialized in.

Shards: On Russell Greene and on Natasha Greene’s body (next to the dumpster).

Cyberpsycho Sightings in Santo Domingo

12: Discount Doc

  • District: Santo Domingo, Rancho Coronado
  • Unlocked after: The Rescue
  • Fast Travel Dataterm: Almunecar & Jerze
  • Name of the Target: Chase Coley
  • Reward: 2.290 €$

Another Cyberpsycho wearing an exoskeleton, Chase Coley, is waiting for you in a Ripperdoc clinic. Similar to the fight against Euralio Alma (“The Wasteland“), you first have to destroy the battery on the exoskeleton in order to prevent Chase from using its shield. Coley’s henchman lingers around in the clinic’s very narrow backyard as well, making stealthy approaches more difficult. The quickhack “Short Circuit” is the best way to destroy the battery.

You can always suppress Coley’s devastating ranged attacks via the “Weapon Glitch” quickhack. You’ll need to be very agile to pull this off, though, as he can knock you to the ground and finish you off in no time. Unless you play a strong melee build that denies Coley the opportunity to use his abilities, fighting in the tight and crowded courtyard is just not recommended.

Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberpsychos View into the backyard of a Ripperdoc Clinic
This tight area offers you only a limited amount of cover and space to dodge. © S4G / CD Project Red

Patience and attacks from a distance will help you here: Use the crates on the right next to the entrance to the courtyard and climb over the shelf to the roof of the clinic. You have an excellent view over the courtyard from there and can always retreat back far enough for Coley to lose sight of you.

Sneak along the roof and take out Coley’s already wounded buddy first. Wait until Coley has left for the courtyard entrance and target the reinforcements from the roof. This is easily done with the help of a Sniper Rifle, offensive hacks, or Grenades.

Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberpsychos Boss opponent in exoskeleton hides behind tower shield
You won’t do much damage to Chase as long as he’s hiding behind his shield. © S4G / CD Project Red

Perform a quickhack on Coley whenever he turns his back on you. “Short Circuit” and “Contagion” are useful, but his resistance to Thermal Damage is too high for the “Overheat” quickhack. Biohazard Grenades are effective when Coley is standing in a hard-to-see corner. Tech Weapons work exceptionally well thanks to their Shock Damage.

If you own the Cyberware Projectile Launch System, you should equip it with Shock Ammunition. Marksmen (Sniper Rifles), on the other hand, shoot him in the head whenever they can.

Shards: On Chase Coley; messages in the laptop inside the clinic.

13: Too Little, Too Late

  • District: Santo Domingo, Arroyo
  • Unlocked after: The Rescue
  • Fast Travel Dataterm: Hargreaves Street
  • Name of the Target: Tamara Cosby
  • Reward: 2.540 €$

You’ll encounter a fleeing homeless man on your way to the objective – a homeless camp under a highway bridge. Another one lies at the entrance to the narrow area bordered with corrugated iron. Turn to the right at the entrance and climb onto the green-painted container.

Scan the environment. There are two initially inactive ceiling turrets under the bridge, which you can destroy with a Sniper Rifle or offensive quickhacks. You’ve got them down when they pop off, spraying sparks.

Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberpsychos homeless camp under a bridge with marked gun positions
This homeless camp offers a lot of challenges: You should destroy the two turrets before starting the fight.

Once you move to the marker in the very center of the area, Cosby will show up and attack you. If you have nerves of steel and the Perk “Turret Tamer” (Breach Protocol 12, Intelligence), you can try to switch the turrets into “Ally” mode at the beginning – then they’ll start firing at Cosby. However, this only lasts for three minutes – you should get rid of Tamara in this time, or else things will get nasty. However, she can’t survive that much, so this approach can work quite well.

Your dodging possibilities are rather limited in this narrow area. When in doubt, focus solely on the fight against Tamara Cosby, and disable the turrets before starting the fight.

Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberpsychos Netrunner Tamara Cosby attacks with a gun
Eliminate the Netrunner in melee or with Whotguns to prevent her from hacking you. © S4G / CD Project Red

As a netrunner, Cosby likes to toss around quickhacks like “Overheat”, so it’s best to light her up in melee or with Shotguns. Speed and high damage are the keys to success in this fight.

Shards: On the floor of the green container and by one of the corpses of the homeless near the turrets..

Cyberpsycho Sightings in the City Center

14: On deaf Ears

  • District: City Center, Downtown
  • Unlocked after: The Rescue
  • Fast Travel Dataterm: Downtown Central
  • Name of the Target: Cedric Muller
  • Reward: 2.850 €$

Enter the underground parking garage from the elevated road and proceed to level A. Sneak past the white van with the open doors on the right until you reach two dark green Militech crates stacks that enclose some crates covered with blue blankets. Take cover behind them.

You can spot Muller from there – he’s standing behind a red-painted shelf, on the right side of a cement pillar. Initiate the fight with a quickhack (“Suicide” or “Overheat”) or a headshot from a Sniper Rifle.

Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberpsychos View from cover behind crates on the enemy behind shelf
Spy on the Cyberpsycho behind the shelf from your hiding place behind the crates. © S4G / CD Project Red

If you deal enough damage, Muller will heal himself up completely and rush towards you. Attention: He can jump in your direction if he has a clear line of sight on you. Therefore, always make sure to have some crates and vehicles between you and him.

Muller’s shotgun attack hurts really bad. Avoid melee or close-range combat unless you have high-damage weapons (Shotguns or Mantis Blades).

Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberpsychos Cedric Muller With Shotgun in underground car park
You better dodge Cyberpsycho Cedric Muller’s attacks in the close-quarters Shotgun duel. © S4G / CD Project Red

Make his shotgun unusable via the “Weapon Glitch” quickhack, and deal him a lot of damage in the meantime. Since Muller is vulnerable to Physical Damage, Melee fighters have a particularly high chance in such moments.

Otherwise, throw Frag Grenades or shoot at the Cyberpsycho from cover with Smart Weapons and target-seeking ammo.

Shards: In a box next to the column where you spot Muller first and near his corpse.

15: The Phantom of Night City

  • District: City Center, Corpo Plaza
  • Unlocked after: The Rescue
  • Fast Travel Dataterm: Arasaka Tower
  • Name of the Target: Noriko Akuhara
  • Reward: 2.850 €$

Stop outside the marked area and look into the alley behind the yellow grid door: Next to the corpses near the Tyger Claws motorcycles lies a bat at the end of the alley. Wait for Akuhara to drop down onto the bat from the fire exit on the wall at the end of the alley, and mark the Cyberpsycho.

You can apply a first quickhack on Akuhara now (for example, “Suicide” or “Overheat”). Ahukara is a very strong and fast melee fighter, so don’t let him get close to you. The quickhack “Cripple Movement” will stop him perfectly.

If you fight him on the level of the motorcycles, two gangsters from a side alley will interfere in the fight and harass you as well.

Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberpsychos View of the alley with marked boss
The Cyberpsycho (circled in red) awaits his victims on the framework. © S4G / CD Project Red

Shoot Akuhara a few bullets in the head from a distance with a Sniper Rifle before heading into the actual fight. Overwatch is a good choice (if you own the weapon) since you can fire it stably even without specializing in Sniper Rifles.

Akuhara will disappear into the side alley on the left if he has less than 50 percent health. Just follow him. The two gangsters are standing in a corner staring at the wall – just sneak past them.

Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberpsychos Red helmeted fighter with katana
Akuhara is a fast and deadly opponent in close combat – better stay out of range! © S4G / CD Project Red

Another yellow barred passage leads to a small shopping mall, where Akuhara starts a fight with Valentinos and Tyger Claws. Let him fight with the gang members and throw in a quickhack every now and then (“Overheat” is especially useful because of Akuhara’s weakness against Thermal Damage). But stay in the side alley and keep yourselves out of trouble – the gangs will do the job.

If you want to take Akuhara alive, use a Sniper Rifle with a non-lethal damage mod and headshot Akuhara when his health drops below five percent.

Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberpsychos Fight between several people in neon light environment
Don’t venture too far into the combat area and let the gang members do the work. © S4G / CD Project Red

Once the Cyberpsycho is eliminated, the remaining gang members will turn their attention towards you. As long as you are careful not to get caught in the crossfire and keep hitting them with grenades, quickhacks, and high-damage weapons, this fight won’t be a challenge at all.

Don’t forget to check out the crate in the first alley next to the motorcycles. With a little luck you’ll find legendary Mantis Blades in there!

Splitter: Bei Noriko Akuhara selbst.

Cyberpsycho Sightings in Heywood

16: Seaside Cafe

  • District: Heywood, Wellsprings
  • Unlocked after: The Rescue
  • Fast Travel Dataterm: Megabuilding H2
  • Name of the Target: Dao Hyunh
  • Reward: 2.910 €$

Approach the beach café from above. There are some bystanders on the railing, gawking at the bloody wedding scene. Hyunh is standing in the right corner of the balcony. Give her a headshot or use quickhacks like “Short Circuit” or “Suicide” to do as much damage as quickly as possible.

Hyunh has a lot of cyberware equipped and is adept at dodging ranged attacks. It’s best to kill her while she’s still in the cafe.

Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberpsychos View on massacred bride and groom on cafe terrace
Don’t spend too much time gawking, hit Hyunh with a lot of damage immediately instead. © S4G / CD Project Red

She’ll climb up to the promenade if you’re not fast enough, where she’ll attack you with her pistol. There is little cover there and you’ll have to keep moving constantly to avoid her devastating hits.

Since Hyunh is vulnerable to Shock Damage, a Tech Shotgun makes for a good choice. However, powerful Melee Weapons will do the trick just as well. At about 40 percent of her life bar, she will leap onto a glass roof. Quickhacks like “Suicide” or “Contagion” or charged shots from Tech Weapons that pierce the roof will help. Alternatively, run far enough away so you can hit her again.

Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberpsychos Stricken Cyberpsycho fighter staggers in front of a sales booth
Hyunh can’t wrap around anymore once you’ve hit her hard enough. © S4G / CD Project Red

Finish her off as soon as she gets back on the ground. Scan the film set in the café, the bride and groom, the crew members, and then turn left from the balcony. You will find the last shard near the female corpse down on the beach.

Shard: On Dao Hyunh;On Linh Hyunh (the bride); on the woman’s body with leopard print tights on the beach.

17: Letter of the Law

  • District: Heywood, Wellsprings
  • Unlocked after: The Rescue
  • Fast Travel Dataterm: Pumping Station
  • Name of the Target: Gaston Philips
  • Belohnung: 2.910 €$

The final Cyberpsycho battle takes place in a narrow, fenced-off industrial courtyard full of booby traps and laser traps. Use your scanner before entering the area from the street and repolarize everything you spot.

You can try to lure Philips to you and hope that his own traps will do him proper damage. Or you can walk along the fence on the left outside. You’ll pass by a dumpster covered with a blue tarp, from which you can also scan the long section of the courtyard and repole the booby traps.

Philips is staying – easily visible from this position – in the rear part of the area in front of the building, where there are no mines.

Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberpsychos Scan image of the mined battle area of the "Lawful" mission.
The scan shows plenty of booby traps, and laser traps in the combat area. © S4G / CD Project Red

Netrunner and Sniper either target Philips from this position or climb up the wall via the power box in front of the black wall. Disarm the mine on the roof and advance slowly. Attention: the rest of the roof area is covered in mines as well.

Sneak along the road to the right instead, until you reach an orange wall. Climb up next to two black pipes, and you’ll already see the rear area of the combat area, and you can also defuse the first mines. Approach the corner of the corrugated metal ledge: a mine lies on the roof directly ahead, which you can defuse as well.

Jump into the open container with the orange lid and defuse the mines nearby. You can try to surprise Philips with a takedown from here.

Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberpsychose View of the yard and the boss from a safe position
You have a perfect field of view on Cyberpsycho Gaston Philips from the sniper position. © S4G / CD Project Red

Philips moves fast and packs a punch in close combat, so either pin him down behind cover during a shooting duel by dealing a lot of damage early on in the fight. Or use powerful quickhacks like “Suicide” to take him out quickly.

He has no particular weaknesses – you just have to deal as much damage as quickly as possible. When moving on the roof, use grenades to blow up traps and explosive objects in the yard.

Shards: On Gaston Philips; messages on the laptop under the canopy in the courtyard.

Translation by: Dennis Anjuschin

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