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Star Citizen: Alpha 3.16 on test server with new PVP event

Draufsicht auf Außenposten Jumptown in Star Citizen 3.16
Status: Pre-Alpha
Release: TBA
Game version: Star Citizen Alpha 3.16 PTU

Only a few weeks after the release of Star Citizen Alpha 3.15, update 3.16 is already on the test server. What’s included?


Star Citizen Alpha 3.16 is on the test server – and without the usual invitation waves. This means that the test server is free for all supporters. If you want to participate, you can find instructions on the official website.

Note: Not all features will be in the live version of 3.16, some may come in a follow-up patch. We have marked the active content at the time of publishing this article.

Star Citizen Alpha 3.16: The most important features


On the test server

The physical function of the hoverbikes, which use so-called Gravlev technology to hover, is to be fundamentally improved. Vehicles like the Dragonfly should be more stable and easier to control, for example on rough terrain. Until now, the hoverbikes sometimes got stuck on various structures or the ride was affected by various other physics bugs.

With the Gravlev rework, hovercrafts get a so-called “Double Disconnected” suspension, which is not rigidly connected to the vehicle or the ground. This should enable more stable and flexible hover control and absorb the impact after high jumps.

Improved law system

On the test server

All players and the AI will see someone who exceeds the thresholds for friendly fire (i.e., unintentional hits on allies) as an enemy for the duration of the hostility towards other players. This means that players will be able to aid others without incurring a Crime Stat.

For criminals, i.e., all those who already have a Crime Stat, the Friendly Fire rule will be tightened so that they cannot abuse Friendly Fire for free shots on other players.  

A special new rule applies to missiles here: anyone who locks a missile on someone else is marked as an enemy. Firing the missile confirms the identification as an enemy permanently. Unlocking the missile again without firing it only counts as a single hit within the friendly fire rule.

In addition, the restricted area around the prison has been reduced. However, it should still be large enough so that bounty hunters can’t camp there.

Bounty hunting inside atmosphere

Until now, battles in bounty hunts took place exclusively outside the atmosphere of a planet or moon. Now these fights will also be possible inside the atmosphere, for example over landing zones or outposts. Laws and rules will be adapted for this as mentioned above.

PVP Event: Jumptown 2.0

On the test server

Jumptown is a hidden outpost on Yela where drugs are produced. In previous versions of Star Citizen Alpha, the illegal substances were quite lucrative, sometimes leading to violent and chaotic PvP conflicts.

CIG wants to bring back these events with Jumptown 2.0. When the Jumptown event starts, players will be offered different missions depending on whether they are criminals or not. Criminals are supposed to collect drug packages in Jumptown or two other outposts and then sell them on Grim Hex. Everyone else also collects the drug packages, but delivers them to the authorities on Port Olisar. Both sides receive money in return. 

Mining Gadgets

New mining gadgets are supposed to make mining in Star Citizen even more complex. If you come across rocks that are too resistant or cannot be cracked with the mounted mining laser, you will be able to attach special mining gadgets to the rock. Depending on the type, the gadgets will then assist in breaking up the rock, but will be consumed in the process.

More features in Star Citizen Alpha 3.16

  • Hospital in Area 18, ArcCorp
  • Points of Interest: Derelict Spaceships

The patch notes for the test server build 3.16.0 can be found on Spectrum.


Star Citizen: The fourth update in 2021 is still planned to go live this year

Star Citizen gets more or less extensive updates several times a year. Star Citizen Alpha 3.15 went live about a month ago and brought an entirely new inventory system, the first version of medical gameplay and much more.

Developer Cloud Imperium Games (CIG) apparently really wants to release the fourth update of the year before the holidays. This also explains the missing waves of invitations and the fact that parts of the update, which is comparatively small this time, are still missing or will release as follow-up patches in January.


Does forced Jumptown work?

The legendary Jumptown battles had their origins in extremely lucrative drugs. If a group of players flew there, bought a lot and got away alive, it was really worth it. Whether Jumptown 2.0 works depends on exactly that: Whether it’s more worthwhile than other activities. For all those who like PvP in general and are not just pathetic griefers, this is an interesting new activity in addition to bounty hunting.

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