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If you don’t exactly dig deep into fan sites, you will find nowadays almost only newsrooms that have every current little thing and rumor about a game ready, but spend only few resources on the games themselves. SPACE4GAMES changes that: Here you can find the best reports, the most detailed and comprehensive guides and sophisticated tools that let you enjoy games even better and even more completely.

But we are not stopping there, because there is more in the world than games. We also talk about general and social subjects, because we believe that reasonable and well-researched voices about our everyday life are more important than ever today.

We are also very interested in future topics, such as virtual and augmented reality and AI. Our partner site provides you with a lot of well-founded news and articles (currently only in german language). When and how often we get to other topics besides Gaming strongly depends on our time, because after all there should be excellent, extensive and helpful stuff to read here, without exception.

Advertising / Media information

SPACE4GAMES reached more than 430,000 page impressions in December 2020. More than 230,000 unique users visited us during this period. For further information on our target audience please contact us at redaktion(at)

We also offer you the opportunity to advertise on SPACE4GAMES. The best way to do this is via SEO-optimized sponsored articles, which appear on our site on an equal level with editorial content.  Please contact us for details or any other kind of cooperation.

Furthermore, you can book different advertising banners. If desired, we also offer suitable and professional graphic design that integrates perfectly into the website. Please contact us at redaktion(at)

Contact / Support

Feedback. Praise. Criticism. Opinions. Questions. Tips. Hints.

You can send all of this and more any time to redaktion(at) You can also contact us directly via Discord, Facebook and Twitter.

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