Hacking, Shooting and Recruiting

Watch Dogs Legion: The Ultimate Guide

Watch Dogs Legion ultimativer Guide auf deutsch

Our Watch Dogs Legion Guide shows you what the game has to offer: Which skills are really useful and which operatives should you recruit? How does the hacking work and how do you earn money in the game? Additionally, we also have some tips & tricks to ensure that your DedSec adventure in London stays exciting and varied.

  • Blue or different-colored bars with a double arrow symbol include texts and sometimes tables, which are folded for clarity. Click or tap on the bars to open them. When using mobile devices, slide your finger to the left to fully view the tables.

In this ultimate guide to Watch Dogs Legion, you’ll learn:

  • what transport and hacking options the game offers
  • how to earn money in Watch Dogs Legion (and what you can spend it on)
  • how to recruit Operatives, which ones are suitable for your playing style, and which abilities exist
  • which Gadgets, Hacks, Upgrades, and Weapons can be unlocked
  • how to carry out missions more effectively and, and how to be optimally prepared for them
  • which challenges await you in the Open World of London, and where you can find masks
  • Which Watch Dogs Legion trophies exist in the console versions, and how console players can obtain them.

Controls on PC, PlayStation and XBox

Everyone who moves around in Watch Dogs: Legion, especially on the PC, will have to spend a lot of time with memorizing all the shortcuts for the various control elements at the beginning. You can change the key bindings in the options menu, if you don’t like them. This section is intended for anyone looking for a general overview of the default key bindings on PC, PlayStation 4 or Xbox One.

  • whether you use a vehicle, hack a drone/camera, or start a mini-game, the game will automatically prompt you with the possible commands at the bottom of the screen. You can display the appropriate buttons at any time by pressing F1 (PC) and D-Pad right (PlayStation 4/Xbox One). This is useful for activities that you don’t play very often (a mini-game, for example).

Controls on PC

The PC gives you a much wider range of direct use options than the consoles, which simplifies the use of different weapons and abilities.

Standard Key Bindings on PC

W, A, S, DMoving forwards (W), backwards (S), to the right (D), to the left (A)
AltWalk slowly
ShiftSprint (hold down)
SpaceClimb / slide over / dodge in battle
FTakedown in combat
EInteract / Get in vehicle / Use vehicle
CTRLTake cover behind an obstacle
Left Mouse ButtonMelee attack / shoot (while aiming)
Right Mouse ButtonAim (hold down)
RReload the weapon with new ammo
1Primary weapon
2Secondary weapon
TPut weapon away
XOpen Weapon-Wheel
4-6Abilities 1-3
VScan the environment (“Ping”)
Mittlerer MausbuttonAiming for Hacking
QQuick hack / save recruit (if recruit short profile is selected)
ZEmote menu
F1Show commands
F2Activate photo mode
OOpen photo galery
F3-F8Emote 1-6
MOpen map
TabUse the smartphone
UOpen Tech-Overview
POpen Team-Overview
9Use camera
JOpen Mission-Overview
EnterSkip dialogue
ESCPause menu

Button Assignment on PC (Picture)

Watch Dogs Legion PC and mouse standard control scheme
Official standard control scheme for keyboard and mouse. © S4G / Ubisoft

Controls on PlayStation and XBox

We have summarized the button assignment on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in a comparative table, since the button assignments are very similar on both consoles.

Button Assignment on PlayStation 4 / Xbox One

ActionPlayStation 4Xbox One
MovingLeft StickLeft Stick
Camera / Change targetRight StickRight Stick
Go into coverPress Left StickPress Left Stick
PingPress Right StickPress Right Stick
SprintHolding down R2Holding down RT
ShootR2 when L2 is held downRT when LT is held down
Aiming for Hacking / Quick HackL1LB
Use Gadget / Save ProfileR1RB
Open Map / Team / MissionsTouchpadView-Button
Open Weapon-WheelD-Pad upD-Pad up
Show commands / GadgetsD-Pad rightD-Pad right
Activate Meele-Combat modeD-Pad downD-Pad down
Skip time / Emote menu / Use last emoteD-Pad leftD-Pad left
Interact / Pick up / Relead weaponTriangle-ButtonY
Parkour (Move over obstacles)Cross-ButtonA

Button Assignment on PlayStation 4 (Graphic)

Watch Dogs Legion PlayStation 4 Button Assignment
Official standard button assignment scheme for PlayStation 4 © S4G / Ubisoft

Button Assignment Xbox One (Graphic)

Watch Dogs Legion Xbox One Standard Button assignment scheme
Official standard button assignment scheme for Xbox One © S4G / Ubisoft

Basics: Hacking, Movement, Moneymaking

How to use the Map

The map is the most important navigation and orientation device. If you open the map (on the PC with the “M” key, on consoles via “Touchpad” or the “View” key), you will see London from a bird’s eye perspective. Zoom in to see restricted areas (marked in red) as well as useful icons.

As you explore the different areas of the map, the map slowly fills up with new symbols for fast travel points, collectibles and other activities. Once you have successfully led a borough into revolt (see more about this in the “Borough Uprising” section of this guide), all the remaining tech points in the borough will be revealed on the map.

Overview of all Map Symbols

Watch Dogs Legion Audio-Log MapiconAudio LogThis is where you get background information in the form of an audio log
Watch Dogs Legion Balljonglage MapiconKick UpLocation of a Kick Up Mini Game (Kick a soccer ball into the air)
Watch Dogs Legion Bare-Knuckle-Arena MapiconBare Knuckle LeagueLocation of one of the various bare knuckle arenas in the city
Watch Dogs Legion Betrinken MapiconGet DrunkOperatives can get wasted here (mostly at pubs)
Watch Dogs Legion Bezirksaufstand-Aufgabe MapiconBorough Uprising TaskAll still open tasks that need to be done for a borough uprising are outlined in red
Watch Dogs Legion Darts MapiconDartsLocation of a Darts Mini Game (mostly at pubs)
Watch Dogs Legion Mapsymbol ETOETOHackable ETO money supply or hackable safe with larger amount of ETO
Watch Dogs Legion Frachtdrohnen-Station MapiconCargo Drone StationOnly on minimap, location of a cargo drone station (can be used by everyone)
Watch Dogs Legion Läden MapiconShopsStore with clothes, accessories, shoes, headgear etc.
Watch Dogs Legion Maske Sammelitem MapiconMaskYou can collect one of the 38 hidden masks here
Watch Dogs Legion Parcel Fox MapiconParcel FoxParcel Fox-Standort, ermöglicht Liefermissionen zum Geldverdienen
Watch Dogs Legion Paste-Up MapiconPaste-UpLocation of a mural painting opportunity
Watch Dogs Legion Relikt MapiconRelictCollect get a relic from former times (Collectibles)
Watch Dogs Legion Schnellreise MapiconFast Travel PointUnderground station and simultaneously a fast travel point
Watch Dogs Legion Techpunkte MapiconTech-PointsYou can collect Tech-Points here
Watch Dogs Legion Textdatei MapiconText FileHere you receive background information in form of a text file

Movement and Fast Travel

You have a number of options on how to explore London’s eight boroughs: Either you walk and let the city take its toll on you, or you grab a transport vehicle for the exploration on the ground or in the air. You will need to explore the city’s (easily recognizable) underground stations before you can use them in any part of the map. You can also conveniently travel to the DedSec headquarters via this method.

Exploration on Foot

Wandering through such a large open world as London may not sound very attractive at first – but there are actually plenty of reasons to do it. Furthermore, you can comfortably spy on passing pedestrians to check their suitability as recruits. Just have a look at the short profiles of people walking by to get a feeling for what kind of citizens you can find in which areas.

Albion employees often harass citizens in the non-free neighborhoods, which results in many opportunities, where you can help the people of London. Also: While slowly exploring the city, you will find hideouts of tech points, collectibles like masks, relics or information, and you will also discover side streets or other corners that you can use as retreats and escape routes for later missions.

  • There are strategies for escaping on foot during your exploration: Operatives with abilities like “Statue Pose” or “Sweeping” have a clear advantage when escaping on foot. Use AR Cloak gadget (unlocked for 10 tech points) and position yourself in a corner of a house, under bridges or ledges before activating the device. Persecutors will quickly lose sight of you this way.
Watch Dogs Legion operative in car reaches an Albion road checkpoint
You can hack the roadblocks at the Albion road checkpoints while driving – this helps you to escape from vehicles. © S4G / Ubisoft

Transportation by Vehicle

If the active operative does not own a vehicle, which they can request at the touch of a button, you will have to look out for a suitable vehicle. Fortunately, there are enough cars, motorcycles and scooters in London, meaning that you can find a vehicle practically anywhere. However, the driving characteristics of the individual vehicles differ considerably: Sports cars respond extremely sensitively to input and are prone to breaking out – similar to the muscle cars in GTA Online. Normal mid-range cars are a bit sluggish to steer and need a larger turning circle in tight corners – unless you want to involuntarily pick up pedestrians on the sidewalk.

  • Be careful when turning: Driving carelessly over Albion employees will get you a manhunt by the police in no time! You shouldn’t drive with a heavy foot around London, if you want to travel without attracting much attention.

When you don’t want to drive the vehicle manually, just mark a destination on the map in an uncovered area and turn on the autopilot. This may take some time, since the autopilot follows the traffic rules. The autopilot is a convenient solution when you want to take a short real-life break though. Or you can get on one of the red city busses and let yourself be chauffeured through the city on a predetermined route.

  • Professional tip: Take the scooter! The inconspicious motor scooters are our hottest recommendation for a safe and relatively fast transportation. Although they have a lower maximum speed than motorcycles, scooters are very maneuverable on the other hand and they can steer quite accurately. This is not the case with many motorcycles – and thanks to the numerous “Parcel Fox” stations in the city, you should find enough scooters without much effort.
Watch Dogs Legion Construction worker on cargo drone flying high above London
Cargo Drones still offer the best views in Watch Dogs Legion. © S4G / Ubisoft

Transportation by Cargo Drone

The DedSec hacker utilizes cargo drones to reach the sky. You can either play an operative who is able to call a cargo drone to their location (construction worker) or you can search for cargo drone stations in the open world, where you can call and hijack a drone. Cargo drones are especially useful when it comes to the search for hidden collectibles (masks, relics etc.) in higher building levels or on roofs. You can also view switch puzzles from above, or move freight boxes standing in the way to solve puzzles.

Once you have captured a cargo drone that already carries a cargo crate, you should use the crate for your own purposes. Red crates contain explosives – drop them on hostiles in a restricted area to get rid of all the enemies. You can capture or deactivate “Parcel Fox” cargo drones, if you have bought the respective hack for 15 tech points. Depending on what kind of crate they carry, you may be able to grab some ETO (game currency), an explosive crate or even collectibles.

  • Do not mount cargo drones in the immediate vicinity of Albion employees! The use of cargo drones outside of their area of application – cargo transport – makes Albion employees suspicious. They will try to take over the cargo drone and track down the hacker.

Everything you need to know about Hacking

A game about a hacktivist group would obviously not be complete without a variety of possibilities for hacking. However, not all of them are apparent at first glance, which is why we summarize all possible options for you in this section, and also show you how to obtain all the individual hacks.

Before Hacking: Pinging

The “Ping” feature is basically the most important tool for preparing hacks in missions, or for orienting yourself in a new area: Using a ping-like scan of the environment, you illuminate buildings and scenery to reveal hackable devices and enemies. The outlines of hackable devices outside the line of sight of your operative will then be visible.

You can recognize devices in the immediate vicinity of the operative by their optics (e.g. a tree surveillance camera). For example, when you take over a surveillance camera, you can look around unobtrusively within the viewing radius of the camera, perform a new scan, if necessary, and hack other (and possibly otherwise not directly accessible) devices – all while still standing in the same location.

Watch Dogs Legion Operative scans buildings to find hackable objects
We scan the environment for hackable objects before we enter the restricted area. © S4G / Ubisoft

Overview of all Hacks

Each DedSec operative uses their smartphone to scan the short profiles of London citizens, hack surveillance cameras, activate traps in restricted areas, infiltrate servers, and to hijack and utilize vehicles, simple cargo drones, news drones, camera drones and ctOS drones. All other hacks are either unlocked through Tech Points or accessed through operative abilities.

If you have not yet unlocked the Spiderbot or if you have not yet activated it as a gadget, look out for a Spiderbot crate in mission areas, where you can call and capture a Spiderbot. Should a hack indicate that you have to unlock it with tech points first, you can simpy go to the Tech menu to find and unlock said hack. You can read more about this in the Gadgets, Weapons, Hacks & Upgrades section.

These hacking methods are also available:

  • Manipulate enemies: With the Disrupt Hack (unlock for 15 tech points) you attack the sight of enemies to make them temporarily incapable of action – that’s enough for a takedown or an escape. If you have activated traps in restricted areas or placed a Electro-Shock Trap, you can lure enemies to the trap with the Attract Hack (unlock for 15 tech points). In combat, the Gun Jam Hack (unlock for 35 tech points) is extremely useful as it temporarily jams the enemy’s weapon and prevents them from shooting at you. The ability “Spy Watch” of the Spy performs the same task. If you remain out of melee-range, this ability buys you enough time to escape or to perform a takedown. Operatives with the Shock Hack ability can electrocute enemies to take them out, much like an LTL weapon.
  • Support a Stealh-fighting style: With the AR Cloak (unlock for 10 tech points) you can hide from approaching enemies for a brief moment. With the AR Shroud (unlock for 35 tech points) you cloak the bodies of eliminated enemies to prevent alarming patrols.
  • Control a Spiderbot: You can either use one of the basic Spiderbot models found in boxes, or you unlock the Spiderbot as a gadget (for 10 tech points). Spiderbots allow you to reach usually inaccessible places (e.g. ventilation shafts, server rooms, etc.) and infiltrate restricted areas without attracting unwanted attention. You can improve the Spiderbot with upgrades that enable double jumps and also add a cloaking function. The Spiderbot is also available in a combat Spider-Bot version for the tougher approach. The basic version of the Combat Spiderbot (unlocked for 20 tech points) functions as a turret that takes out enemies at short range. Upgrades increase the fire rate, or allow you to control the Spiderbot yourself.
  • Facilitate Escape: If your operative is in a vehicle, they will use the “Clear The Way” ability to force vehicles out of their way – particularly useful at high speeds. The more chaos arises on the road behind you, the more obstacles will your pursues have to deal with. With the “Anti-Chase” ability, chase drones are not able to intercept your operative, so you will get out of sight faster. With the AR Cloak (unlock for 10 tech points) you cloak an operative for a short time, getting him out of sight of any pursuers.
  • Deactivate and hijack drones or turn them against their allies: Chase drones, guns, and CT drones can be temporarily deactivated, provided you have unlocked the respective options. With upgrades of the respective hack, you can hijack these drones or get them to attack their allies (see the table “Overview of all unlockable extras” for the exact Tech Points costs). Chase drones, guns and combat drones can be deactivated permanently, if you have led a certain number of boroughs into rebellion, and unlocked the deactivation of the respective drone type for Tech Points. You can also play an operative who has the ability “Drone Betrayal Hack” – this forces enemy drones to join the fight on the side of the operative.
  • Improve passive hacking through Operative-Abilities: “6G Data Plan” enables operatives to download information from servers much faster – that’s very usefull in restricted areas with lots of enemies. “Fast Hacking” reduces the cooldowns noticeably, and the hacks are way faster useable again. “Key Steal” lets you steal keys from any distance. This spares you the hassle of infiltrating restricted areas, as keys can otherwise only be downloaded when the operative is in the immediate vicinity.
Watch Dogs Legion restricted area infiltration through activation of traps in the area
We ruin the day of the Clan Kelley goons in the Sandstone Residence by activating all kinds of traps in the building. © Ubisoft

Watch Dogs: Legion – Earning (and Spending) Money

Sadly, money still talks in London of the near future – with ETO (in-game currency) you can buy new clothes, accessories and other visual customization options. There are stores everywhere in the city. They are highlighted with a shirt symbol on the map. But you have to earn money first, before you can even think about throwing around.

This is how you earn more money:

  • Complete story missions and side quests: You get money for every task you complete – meaning you earn a basic income just by following the game’s story and completing tasks.
  • Collect ETO supplies: There are plenty of money boxes on the map – you just have to find and pick them up. They are marked with the ETO symbol (a crossed-out C). Keep an eye out in areas around mission locations and other rally points, to pick up 200 to 300 ETO at a time.
  • Hacking safes: There are safes hidden in restricted areas, as well as public areas such as pubs. You can break open these safes and relieve them by about 1,000 ETO. These safes have to be hacked on site to get the money – but if you’re on a mission in a specific area anyway, it’s not a big detour.
  • Recruit operatives with the right traits and collect ETO ‘along the way’: Agents with the trait “Panhandler” can specifically beg for ETO, while with traits like “Crypto Skimmer” (steal ETO while hacking), “Skilled Investor” (generally increases ETO earnings) and “Takedown Thief” (steal ETO during takedowns) you will gain a passive flush money into your pockets. If you have an operative who can perform “Viral Hacking” in addition to “Crypto Skimmer”, we recommend that you stand in a busy place and use the “Distraction” hack on a random person. “Viral Hacking” will spread the hack to bystanders, and you”ll get money for every successful hack! There is also a one-time bonus for recruiting operatives with the “Signing Bonuses” ability – but it is not high enough to make it really worthwhile.
  • Win Bare Knuckle Fights: In the city’s five arenas, close-combat operatives participate in Bare Knuckle Tournaments that offer plenty of ETO to win. Fulfilling the requests of rich spectators for specific combat maneuvers will bring you some extra cash.
  • Hack “Parcel Fox” drones: You can capture “Parcel Fox” drones with the hack “Parcel Fox-Drone Hacks” (unlock for 15 tech points). Let them drop their cargo crate next to the operative to get the contents – usually you”ll get ETO, but sometimes they drop rare masks!
  • Complete Paste-Ups: At a total of 47 locations (“Paint Roller” icon on the map) throughout the city, operatives grace large wall surfaces with DedSec propaganda. You”ll get a few ETOs for each completed paste-up, and you’ll also unlock new paste-up designs. The harder the location is to reach, the greater will be the reward.
  • Take over “Parcel Fox” deliveries: At many Parcel Fox delivery boxes, operatives undertake deliveries in return for payment. If you succeed in delivering the parcel on time – and unharmed – you will receive full payment – otherwise you’ll get less.
  • Shop at a cheaper price: Sometimes simply saving money helps to keep hard-earned money. Recruit operatives with the abilities “Loyalty Card” (buy clothes at a cheaper price) or “Vehicle Detailing” (buy new car paint jobs at a cheaper price) to spend less money on new cosmetics.
  • Buy ETO for real money in the Ubisoft store: Of course, you can also spend some real money to buy in-game currency – two packages containing 6,000 ETO or 24,000 ETO each await potential customers in the “store”.
Watch Dogs Legion Store selection of pants in the overview menu
Looking for a new style? The many London stores offer clothes for every taste – Even with the Union Jack. © S4G / Ubisoft

You can spend ETOs on this:

  • Clothing, shoes, bags, glasses, headgear: There are a huge number of stores and sales stands for all kinds of clothes and accessories in London. Each store is marked on the map with a T-shirt symbol. What’s on sale varies from store to store: from tourist clothes with the British flag to outfits for hard rockers – the selection is huge!
  • Vehicle Painting: Whenever one of your operatives owns a vehicle (for example a spy who brings his cloak/rocket car with him), you can open the team window, click on the respective operative, use “Edit” and select said vehicle. Here you unlock new paint jobs by paying an ETO fee. Afterwards you can switch from one unlocked paint job to another for free whenever you want.
  • Operative Abilities: If operatives have the ability “Gambling Addict” or “Shopaholic”, you will regularly lose ETO either because your operatives gamble or buy new clothes. While this can sometimes help you to win a game and provide you with a steady supply of new clothing, it is not something you can actively control. Don’t use operatives with such skills, unless you want to give up complete control over your money.

Watch Dogs: Legion – Gadgets, Weapons, Hacks & Upgrades

No matter what tasks you undertake in Watch Dogs: Legion, the unlockable technical possibilities make the life of an operative much easier. Whether it’s new options provided by a device, improved possibilities to influence the environment through hacks or a new weapon: Once unlocked, the new technical possibilities are available to all your operatives, which you can swap at will outside of restricted zones.

Unlock new options with Tech Points

You use Tech Points (which can be collected at the green squares on the map) to unlock new technical possibilities. Once you have led a borough into uprising, all the borough’s tech points that have not yet been discovered will appear on the map. Otherwise, they will only be marked on the minimap when you are nearby.

Many tech points are freely accessible, but for some you will have to solve puzzles or get to hard-to-reach places (for example by using a spiderbot or a cargo drone). You should collect Tech Points in restricted areas when you have a mission there or when exploring the world.

The Attract Hack in the Tech Menu in Watch Dogs Legion
In the Tech Overview you can buy gadgets, upgrades, weapons and hacks for your operatives. © S4G / Ubisoft

Overview of all unlockable Extras

You can unlock extras from four categories, if you have a sufficient amount of Tech Points in your deposit. Only after buying an Extra with Tech Points, can you upgrade it by purchasing higher levels (if available) of said Extra. Open the game menu and select the “Tech” section.

You can choose extras from the following categories:

  • Gadgets: Gadgets offer operatives additional options such as spider- or combat bots, AR Cloak or more shock weapons. An operative can only have one unlocked gadget active in their gadget slot at a time.
  • Upgrades: Upgrades allow operatives to intervene directly in the game world. Once activated, upgrades are available to all DedSec operative at all times.
  • Weapons: DedSec equips operatives with a small selection of non-lethal shock weapons – which you should upgrade, if you want to know their real strengths. Operatives equip weapons in their respective weapon slots.
  • Hacks: Mit Hacks erleichtert ihr Agenten sowohl bei offensivem als auch heimlichem Vorgehen das Leben. Freigeschaltete Hacks stehen allen DedSec-Agenten jederzeit zur Verfügung.


Gadget DescriptionLevel 1 und CostsLevel 2 and CostsLevel 3 and Costs
Infiltrator SpiderbotA stealth-based spiderbot capable of non-lethal takedowns (10)Enables double jump and sprint (20)Cloack function that can be activated manually (25)
AR CloakUnlock an AR Cloak, which makes the wearer invisible for a limited time and keeps him out of enemy sight(10)Cloak lasts longer when standing still or walking slowly (20)Allows to take down an enemy from a greater distance (25)
Electro-FistUnlock an electrostatic punch that can knock out an enemy in a single blow (15)Electricity from a punch jumps to a nearby target (20)Emit a shockwave that disorients nearby enemies(25)
Electro-Shock TrapUnlock a non-lethal sticky mine that shocks enemies and heavily damages drones and vehicles (15)Adds an EMP that disables drones and disrupts enemies (20)Enables the EMP to jam enemy weapons (35)
Combat SpiderbotUnlock an armored, non-lethal spiderbot with an automated turret, that shoots at enemies in short-range (20)Increase the rate of fire for the automated turret (25)Commandeer the turret for direct fire (35)
Missile DroneUnlock a small drone that flies straight towards a target to lethally impact it (25)Enables target-seeking by pressing the gadget button (30)the drone fires mini cluster missiles at targets (40)


Upgrade DescriptionUnlocked OptionCosts
AR ShroudAllows the operative to digitally shroud an enemy after a takedown (prevents detection by patrols)35
Skin MeshReduces damage suffered by all DeadSec operatives45
Deep ProfilerSchedule and contact info exposes new ways to recruit – even for enemies of DeadSec25
Chase Drone Deactivation (2 Boroughs in uprising)Enables the deactivation of chase drones10
Turret Deactivation (4 Boroughs in uprising)Enables the deactivation of a turret (You need to approach the turret from behind)
Combat Drone Deactivation (6 Boroughs in uprising)Enables the deactivation of Riot drones and CT drones


WeaponLevel 1 and CostsLevel 2 and CostsLevel 3 and Costs
LTL 68P DedSec Pistol Non-lethal, personal sidearm for short-range (10)Increases magazine capacity to 15. (15)Adds a silencer (30)
MP9 DedSec SMGFully-automatic, non-lethal submachine gunIncreases magazine capacity to 20. (25)Increases reload speed (30)
LTL SGNon-lethal Shotgun for short-range attacks (20)Increases magazine size to 7 (25)Increases reload speed (35)
DedSec Grenade LauncherSlow-firing, anti-drone weapon that launches shock rounds with a wide area of effect (30)Erhöht die Magazinkapazität der Waffe auf 2. (35)Increases the maximum carried grenade rounds by 2 rounds. (45)


HackLevel 1 and CostsLevel 2 and CostsLevel 3 and Costs
Disrupt HackAttacks an enemy’s Optik for a short time, making them incapable of action for a brief moment (15)
Chase Drone HacksDeactivate Chase Drones for a short period of time. (10)Chase Drones can be hijacked (15)Hack a Chase Drone and make it attack its allies (25)
Turret HacksDeactivate Turrets for a short amount of time (25)Enables the hijacking of turrets (30)Hack a Turret and make it fight its allies (40)
CT Drone HacksDeactivate CT Drones for a short period of time (40)Enables the hijacking of CT drones. (45)Hack the CT Drone and make it fight its allies. (60)
Attract HackAllows you to lure enemies towards a hacked trap with traps (15)
Gun JamJams the weapon of an enemy and prevents him from shooting at you (35)
Parcel Fox Drone HacksDeactivate and hijack Parcel Fox Drones (15)
Riot Drone HacksDeactivate Riot Drones for a brief moment (25)Enables the hijacking of Riot Drones. (30)Hack a Riot Drone and make it fight its allies. (45)

Which Tech should I unlock?

Which technologies you should unlock for your DedSec group depends on your preferred playing style, as not every gadget is equally suited for sneaking or fighting. Think about whether you prefer to fire from all directions and fight close combat or whether you prefer a more inconspicuous, non-intrusive approach. However, some techs are so good, they are worth unlocking in any case.

Useful Tech for every Playing Style

  • Deep Profiler Upgrade: This upgrade is especially worthwhile if you wish to recruit people who are hostile to DedSec. Once you have marked a potential recruit, you will get a detailed overview of habits, important contacts and background information. This way you can indirectly improve a recruit’s opinion about DedSec by helping his friends or looking for other suitable options.
  • Infiltrator Spiderbot: Probably the strongest gadget in the game, as it expands your range and possibilities enormously. Spiderbots eventually get to a lot of places that operatives cannot access. Very helpful for collecting Tech Points and masks that are hard to reach, and also for exploring hostile areas. The Spiderbot’s shock “Facehug” puts annoying enemies comfortably out of the way.
  • Skin Mesh: Your operative suffers less damage. This is great for any playing style and it’s especially useful for playthroughs with activated Permadeath option.
  • Chase Drones/Turret / CT Drone Deactivation: These hacks temporarily deactivate enemy drones and buy you valuable seconds for an escape or infiltration. However, since you must have led atleast six boroughs into an uprising to unlock these hacks, you should first invest in the preceding techs.

The best Tech for Fighters

  • Combat Spiderbot: Even with the basic variant of the Combat Spiderbot, you get backup that automatically attacks enemies. If you position the Combat Spiderbot on the roof of a car or on a cargo drone, you will receive a mobile mini-gun!
  • Missile Drone: This useful helper lets you take out enemy captains from a distance before they can cause you problems and call for backup.
  • DedSec Grenade Launcher: Thanks to its shock grenades, the DeadSec Grenade Launcher is an excellent choice when you are surrounded by enemies. Upgrades make this practical piece of equipment even better.
  • Gun Jam: When you are facing a hail of bullets, this hack is the best way to drive your enemies into madness. Non-working weapons allow you to make a quick melee attack or to escape from the superior force. Combine this with the electric fist. First you jam your opponent’s firearm and then you one-punch him into the realm of dreams.

The best Tech for Skulker 

  • AR Cloak: Even the basic version of the the AR Cloak helps you to get rid of annoying pursuers, or to bring you into guarded areas without being seen. A must for every stealth fan! The upgrades of the AR Cloak are also well worth it, as they increase the duration of invisibility as well as the distance from which you are able to perform takedowns.
  • Attract Hack: As soon as you have activated a few traps in a restricted zone, this hack allows you to lure enemies towards a trap. This hack is also great in combination with the Electro-Schock Trap Gadget. Place one first, then lure the enemy towards it – done!
  • Disrupt Hack: Use this hack, when you get busted. Hack the Optik of your opponents and confuse them for a short time. This offers you the opportunity for an escape or a takedown.
  • LTL 68P DedSec Pistol, Upgrades up to Level 3: With the addition of a silencer, your all-round shock sidearm becomes a handy little tool for taking out annoying guards unnoticed. If you spend enough points on the AR Shroud, you can camouflage unconscious or dead enemies, making them invisible to patrols.
  • Chase Drones / Turrets /CT Drone Hacks, Upgrades up to Level 3: If you have skilled the hack fully, you will be able to sic the corresponding type of drone on enemies – even from far away. It’s the easiest way to get rid of your enemies!

Recruiting New Operatives

Without operatives, there is no resistance: The recruitment system is the new core mechanic in Watch Dogs: Legion. You gather a team of forty operatives for your London-based DedSec group, who help you to in the struggle against Zero Day, Albion and the Kelley Gang. The recruitment option is unlocked quite early into the game.

  • Why there is no section about “the best operatives” in this guide: Every player thinks differently and has different priorities when it comes to exploration and the completion of missions. This section will help you find the operatives with skills that are useful and interesting for your playstyle. After all, what’s good for one player might not be fun for the other player.

Recruitment made easy

Walk through the city and take aim at a potential recruit before using the hack button (the mouse wheel on a PC). A small overview window will pop up, showing you the name, profession and existing helpful as well as bad abilities of the potential DedSec operative. Each citizen possesses up to four useful or bad abilities – see the Abilities section for more information. An additional tag in the short profile reveals how the citizen feels about the DedSec hacker collective:

  • Green thumb or no thumb next to the name in the short profile: This citizen has a positive (green) or neutral (no thumb) attitude towards DedSec. Save this citizen with the displayed button (the Q button on PC) and open the team window to dial the saved operative and start the recruitment mission.
  • Red thumb next to the name in the short profile: This citizen holds no respect for DedSec, or even belongs to a hostile faction. Save this citizen with the displayed key (Q on PC), and unlock the “Deep Profiler” upgrade for 25 Tech Points. Next, select the saved citizen and use the “Deep Profiler” option (F on PC) and take a look at the existing recruitment hints. You will get indirect tips on how to positively influence the citizen’s opinion about DedSec – for example by following them, family members or life partners in the city and protecting them from attacks or beating up familiar enemies.
Watch Dogs Legion two recruitment profiles compared side by side
You won’t hit the jackpot with recruit on the left, but the recruit on the right could be worth the hassle. © S4G / Ubisoft

Recruitment missions usually require you to gather information, steal items, or engage enemies of the potential recruit while moving through restricted areas. Once you have completed one or more missions, the recruit joins DedSec. After that, you can switch to the new operative at any time (As long as you’re outside a restricted area) and equip him with unlocked gadgets and weapons.

  • Pay attention to Bagley’s recruitment tips! For some recruits (with unique abilities or a large number of useful skills), Bagley will radio your current operative and alert him to this promising candidate with a green dot mark. This dot is also visible on the minimap, so you can’t miss the recruit.

Additional Sources for Recruits

Apart from searching actively for suitable operatives, there are also several other ways to find recruits. Some require a bit of work, but others are depending on lucky coincidences:

  • Support citizens: An unpredictable, but certainly practical way is, for example, to keep your eyes open as you walk through the city. Albion employees regularly harass ordinary citizens in unliberated neighborhoods. Some conduct only relatively harmless identity checks, but more often than not, the Albion employees handcuff citizens and make them kneel on the ground. If you take down the Albion employee and release the handcuffed citizen using the “Rescue” option, this will be noted positively and increase the DedSec rating of this citizen and his family/friends/relationship partners. Sometimes a relative or lover of the freed citizen contacts you straight away to join DedSec! The same is true for citizens that you protect from robbery by chasing away or taking out the bad guys.
  • Liberate London’s boroughs from Albion’s grip: For each liberated borough (three to four preparatory missions, one final mission), a particularly helpful operative joins the team with four beneficial abilities It is worthwhile to collect all of these special operatives in order to get to know the many facets of the game. For example, if you free Westminster, a spy with a rocket-powered camouflage car in Bond style will join DedSec!
  • Complete the Bare Knuckle Arenas: If you enjoy the dynamic melee system in Watch Dogs: Legion, then you will surely like the Bare Knuckle Arenas scattered throughout London. Once you have won all the matches in an arena, you can recruit a new DedSec operative from the participating fighters (who are strong melee fighters).
  • Purchase the Ultimate Edition of the game: When you purchase the Ultimate-Edition, you will receive three Prestige Agents, Lynx (Professional Hacker), Leopard (Professional Mercenary) and Viper (Professional Hitman), each with three useful abilities that you can play after you have reached DedSec headquarters in the introductory mission.
Operative chooses which bare knuckle champions to recruit in Watch Dogs Legion
You can recruit all the champions you fought against in the Bare Knuckle Fight Arenas, but only if you have defeatet them!

Which Citizens should I recruit for my DeadSec Team?

The large selection of individually designed city residents makes it hard to choose, especially at the start of the game. At the start of the game, if your team consists of very few operatives, select new operatives according to the desired game style. Generally speaking, recruits should have at least two useful abilities and no negative ones. It’s only worth collecting recruits with only one ability if it’s an ability you won’t find in any other profession (for example “Statue Pose” with living statues or “Pocket Watch” for stage magicians).

  • Hands off: Recruits with negative abilities such as “Doomed” or “Death Wish” are not good for your team due to their randomly determined mortality – unless you love taking risks! You should also stay away from recruits with negative abilities like “Shopaholic” and “Gambling Addict”: Both abilities are only triggered ‘occasionally’ according to the description, but actually they throw out your hard-earned ETO quite regularly.

Useful Abilities for Supporting the Team

Since your DedSec team can consist of 40 members in total, you should get two operatives whose abilities reduce the time team members spend in jail and in hospital. This can be done either through the two abilities “Police Contact” and “Priority Care”, where all team members are out of action for a shorter time due to injury or arrest. Or you look for recruits with the (better) abilities “Bail Out” and “Triage”. Recruits with these abilities get out of jail or hospital as fast as they went in. If you have an operative with the ability “Skilled Investor”, he will passively increase your ETO earnings with every completed mission, even if you do not actually play this operative.

  • Abilities such as “Good Patient” or “Mild Judgement” also shorten arrest and injury times, but only affect the operative who possesses the respective ability!

Suitable Abilities for Fighters

If you prefer a more body-oriented playingstyle, the following three different ability groups are of particular interest to you: You can expand your arsenal of weapons by adding recruits who already carry a weapon in their pocket. Choose recruits with weapons that suit your fighting style – the wide selection of weapons (MPs, grenade launchers, all kinds of light and heavy melee weapons, shotguns and rifles) leaves no wish unfulfilled. The spy’s “Spy Watch” locks the weapons of your opponents without needing the “Gun Jam” hack. Protective abilities (Anti-Shock Suit, Bandana, Blast Shield, Mouthguard) make fighters either completely resistant to certain types of damage, or they reduce the suffered amount of damage.

Physical traits make operatives more resistant in combat (Physically Fit, Tough Drunk, Good Patient) or shorten the time an operative spends in the hospital. Combat abilities make it easier to give enemies a whipping in close combat (Dodge Roll, Glass Cannon, Grappler, K.O. Punch, Shockwave Strike, Strong Counters, Drinker). These abilities are particularly useful when you want to compete in the Bare Knuckle Arenas! Special abilities like “Bee Swarm” of the Beekeeper, “Pocketwatch” of the Stage Mage or “Megaphone” of the Protest Leader / “Rally Cry” of the Football Hooligan allow a unique entry into fights or provide you with the support of NPC

Watch Dogs Legion Prestige Operative Viper
Get prestige operative Viper either through the Ultimate Edition or buy him in the store! @S4G/Ubisoft

Suitable Skills for Stealth-Players

When playing stealthy, you should prefer recruits who expand hacking capabilities, making it easier for you to operate indirectly: 6G Data Plan, Blitz Hack, Drone Betrayal Hack, Key Steal, Shock Hack and Viral Hacking make your life as a hacker much easier. For example, using hacks such as Gun Jam with an operative who has mastered Viral Hacking will render whole groups of enemies unable shoot with their firearms at you. Add to this recruits who can call drones to conveniently spy out an area with a Camera or News Drone.

Hackers who only operate from a distance have to worry less about physical disadvantages such as “Low Mobility” or “Frail” than close-combat fighters, as you can use additional gadgets to ensure that your sneaking operatives can avoid fights (AR Cloak for your operative and AR Shroud for knocked-out enemies). With abilities like “Color Bomb” or “Tear Gas” you can also stun and/or disorient your opponent, which makes it easier to escape.

Alternatively, choose recruits who have an advantage for the infiltration of restricted areas (work clothing for construction workers, medical personnel, police, etc.) or are real escape and stealth professionals (Running, Light Step, Statue Pose). Also make sure you are carrying the right armament for a stealthy approach: Recruits with silenced weapons should always be preferred, otherwise you’ll have to upgrade your DedSec shock pistol to level 3 (silencer) first.

Where can I find Specific Recruits?

Not only what you do, but where you are matters in Watch Dogs: Legion: Many of the unique recruits can only be found in specific locations that fit their professions. Some professions are comparatively easy to locate: Royal Guardsmen wearing the distinctive helmets walk around Buckingham Palace, construction workers are found at construction sites, non-albion policemen are found at or near police stations, Clan Kelley members are recruited near Kelley territories such as Crescent Park (Camden) and spies lurk around the MI6 building. Janitors (and NPCs with similiar professions) maintain public buildings or places during the day.

Watch Dogs: Legion Hacker opens the profile of a protest leader in Trafalgar Square
Protest Leaders stir up people against Albion in demonstrations like the one held at Trafalgar Square. © S4G / Ubisoft

With other potential recruits, it helps to consider where they might do their job: You will meet beekeepers in green spaces such as city center parks, protest leaders at active demonstration rallies (Trafalgar Square, Westminster Palace). Professional assassins like to lurk in dark alleys or under bridges, street and stage performers tend to work at night, although you’ll have good chances near Camden Market. You might meet senior citizens on the streets of the city, but you’ll certainly find some in the Charterhouse (a retirement home located in a monastery east of Farringdon Station).

Develop a sense for spawn points by exploring the city and scanning people as they pass by. It is also worth visiting places at different times during the day, as the population composition seems to depend on it to some extent.

Which Operatives should Console Players pay close attention to?

You will need to recruit operatives from specific occupational backgrounds to get all trophies / achievements in the console versions. In general, you will need 20 operatives with different professions for the “In Every Situation” trophy (which is no problem given the diversity of London’s population). However, the situation is somewhat different with the individual professions. Each of the trophies listed below is associated with activities that can only be performed by operatives with this type of profession. The only exception is the Video Game Designer – this profession is so rare, that finding it is a challenge on its own.

You need these operative professions for the various trophies:

  • Video Game Designer: Trophie “Meta-Gaming”
  • Professional Hitman: Trophie “Down to the Wire”
  • Living Statue: Trophie “You Don’t See Me!”
  • Drone Expert: Trophie “Death From Above”
  • Beekeeper: Trophie “NO NOT THE BEES”
  • Royal Guard Trophie “The Royal Tour”
  • Hacker: Trophie “Hack the Planet”
  • Spy: Trophie “Shaken Not Stirred”
  • Football Hooligan: Trophie “Power To The People”
  • Street Artist: Trophie “Paint Me Like One Of Your…”
  • Albion Employee: Trophie “Throw The Book At Them”

Watch Dogs: Legion – Operatives Abilities Overview

Each potential DedSec recruit has up to four abilities that determine their options. Useful abilities give operatives access to vehicles, more melee skills, extra options when buying items or making money, a special weapon, helpful physical traits, or they have an ability that effects the whole operatives team. Bad abilities hinder operatives by physically weakening them, making battles more difficult, letting them spend money unintentionally, and the like.

Look out for operatives who have no bad abilities and at least two useful abilities. Select recruits with special weapons and/or vehicles based on whether they suit your play style: For example, if you want to play stealthy, you should favor recruits with silenced weapons.

  • The following charts show which abilities we are we have found for sure in recruits with very specific professions. This means that you can expect to find them in recruits with similar professions as well. Hacking skills, for example, are more common in IT professions, while recruits with the drone calling ability tend to link them directly to their profession (cameramen use camera drones, construction workers use cargo drones, etc.).

Useful Abilities

Helpful operative abilities can be found in the following areas:

  • Drones: The operative can call a (ctOS/cargo/delivery/news) drone to their location at any time and subsequently control it for their own purposes.
  • Money: With this additional ability, your operative will procure ETO or generate ETO while performing other activities.
  • Hacking: The operative has an extra hacking ability that allows him to influence his environment (or prevents it from influencing the operative).
  • Combat: Your operative has an advantage over opponents in close-quarters combat with weapons and/or bareknuckle combat.
  • Body: The operative has a helpful physical trait that helps him with regeneration, combat or cooldowns.
  • Protection: Items grant the operative protection against certain types of damage.
  • Stealth: Abilities in this category help your operative in infiltrating restricted areas, sneaking, and escaping from pursuits.
  • Team: This ability has a positive effect on the entire team.

Useful abilities like “Personal Vehicle” and “Melee / Ranged Weapon” will be covered later on in this guide.

Useful Abilities and the Professions to access them

AbilityCategoryEffectAvailable in these profession(s)
6G Data PlanHackingFast DownloadsBlockchain Specialist, Data Manager, Body Piercer, Landlord
Signing BonusesMoneyEarn ETO when recruitingAlbion Contractor, Accountant, Politician
Albion VendettaCombatAdditional damage against faction membersUnemployed, Cashier, Artist, Transient, Interior Designer, Conservationist, Arms Dealer
Anti ChaseHackingImmunity against chase dronesData Manager, Drone Racer, Getaway Driver, Body Piercer
Anti Shock SuitProtectionSuit provides immunity against shockBeekeeper
Clear The WayHackingHacks vehicles out of the wayAmateur Hitman, Carwasher, Vehicle Engineer, Getaway Driver, Body Piercer
Evasive DrivingStealthEscape pursuits via vehicles fasterAutomotive Mechanic, Chauffeur, Mechanic, Public Transport Operator, Urban Planner
Combat RollCombatEvasive maneuver (melee combat)Professional Hitman
BandanaSchutzGasimmunitätAnarchist, Protest Leader, Scientist
PanhandlerMoneyBeg for ETOTransient
Bee SwarmCombatSummons swarm of bees to damage enemiesBeekeeper
Fast HackingHackingShort Hack CooldownsDigital Privacy Advocate, Blockchain Specialist, Stage Designer, Data Manager, Developer, IT Specialist, File Clerk, Tattoo Artist
ctOS DroneDronesCall a ctOS DroneDrone Racer, Roboticist, Songwriter, Landlord
Drone Betrayal HackHackingDraw drones to the operative’s sideDrone Racer, Tattoo Artist
Explosive ShieldProtectionTake less damageChemist
Vehicle DetailingMoneyDiscount on paintworks for vehiclesCar Mechanic, Historian, Mechanic, Fashion Illustrator
SweepingStealthPossibility to hide from pursuitHousekeeper, Caretaker, Janitor
Cargo DroneDroneCall a cargo droneConstruction Worker, Drone Racer
Glass CannonCombatTakes/Causes more damaAnimator, Interior Designer, Chess Grandmaster, Conservationist
GrapplerCombatIncreases guard break damage (melee combat)Bare Knuckle Fighter
Good PatientBodyShorter injury timeCashier, Educator, Private Tutor, Novelist, Veteran, Vice President Production
Tough DrunkBodyTakes less damageInterpreter, Football Hooligan, Professor, Project Manager, Tax Consultant
Camera DroneDroneCalls camera droneLivestreamer
Bail OutTeamTeam members are released from prison immediatelyLegal Assistant
Kelley VendettaCombatAdditional damage against faction membersUnemployed, Animator, Professor, Protest Leader
Physically FitBodyTakes less damageAlbion Employee, Community Manager, Transient, Physical Therapist, Novelist, Athlete, Coach
K.O. PunchCombatQuick enemy K.O. (melee combat)Bartender, Football Hooligan, Cashier, Vice President Production
Crypto SkimmerMoneyHacks steal ETOIT specialist, Con Artist
Takedown ThiefMoneyTakedown steals ETOActivist
Light StepStealthImproved StealthStagehand, Cameraman, Smuggler
MegaphoneCombatCalls people to help fightingProtest Leader
Mild SentenceCombatShorter arrest timeAlbion Employee, SIRS Officer
Mouth GuardProtectionTake less melee damageBare Knuckle Fighter, Athlete, Coach
News DroneDronesCalls News DroneDrone Racer, Journalist, Cameraman, War Correspondent
“Parcel Fox” Delivery DroneDronesCalls “Parcel Fox” delivery droneCourier
GunkataCombatInstantaneous killshot with the pistolProfessional Hitman
Police ContactTeamShorter team arrest timeDigital Privacy Advocate, Politician, Political Analyst
Priority CareTeamShorter team injury timePhysiotherapist, Veterinarian
Skilled InvestorMoneyHigher ETO incomeFinance Analyst, Investor, Statistician, Electoral Officer
Rally CryCombatCall friends to help fightingFootball Hooligan
Key StealHackingUnlimited range for key acquisitionDigital Privacy Advocate, Roboticist, Smuggler
Shock HackHackingElectrifies enemiesCivil Engineer, Developer, File Clerk, Landlord
Shockwave StrikeCombatStaggers enemies (melee combat)PhD Student
Strong CountersCombatIncreased damage after dodge (melee combat)Cashier, Technical Editor
Statue PoseStealthHide from prosecutionLiving Statue
Spy WatchHackingJam weapons of enemiesSpy
Dive BombDroneTarget seeking dronesAlbion Captain, Drone Expert
PocketwatchCombatTurns enemies into alliesStage Magician
Loalty CardMoneyDiscount on clothingDominatrix, Jeweler, Fashion Illustrator, Professional Shopper, Sport-shoes Designer, Stock Photography Model, Theater Critic
TriageTeamTeam members are released from hospital immediatelyPediatrician, Physician
DrinkerCombatAdditional melee damageBarkeeper, Student, Research Fellow
Uniformed AccessStealthAlbion Locations, Construction Sites, Buckingham Palace, Clan Kelly Locations, Medical Facilities, Police StationsMatching the workwear
Viral HackingHackingHack is transmitted, duplicates Hack to nearby persons, vehicles, gadgetsHacker
Watch Dogs Legion Construction worker stands in front of warning sign at construction site entrance
After signs like this, only people dressed as construction workers can advance without difficulty. © S4G / Ubisoft

Available Weapons

The possession of a personal weapon is an useful trait and complements the operatives’ capabilities. A personal weapon cannot be passed on to another operative. Weapons with the trait “Unique” can be found easily among recruits in a specific profession (e.g. the LTL Dart Gun among people working in medical or scientific professions).

Weapons cause one of three possible types of damage:

  • Stunning: Weapons with this damage type cause a stunning effect
  • Non-Lethal: Weapons with this type of damage render an opponent unconscious after a headshot or multiple hits
  • Lethal: This type of weapon kills enemies.

Weapons and the Professions to access them

Weapon NameType of DamageType of WeaponAccessable through the following Profession(s)
AK47LethalFully Automatic RifleVeteran, Arms Dealer
APGLLethalGrenade LauncherHitman, PhD student, CEO
Lead PipeLethalLight Melee WeaponTransient, Welder
CrowbarLethalLight Melee WeaponClan Kelly Enforcer, Getaway Driver, Smuggler
Desert EagleLethalSemi-automatic PistolTransient, Industrial Designer, Composer, Novelist, Tax Consultant
Paint BombStunningDisorientates opponent (Area Effect)Calligrapher, Artist, Street Artist
G36LethalFully Automatic RifleEmployee, Kitchen Assistant, Royal Guard
GL-06LethalGrenade LauncherUnemployed Person, Wedding Planner
HammerLethalHeavy Melee WeaponFactory Worker, Bricklayer, Carpenter
LTL AGPLNon-LethalGrenade Launcher with shock roundsArchivist
LTL-E. Shocker (Unique)Non-LethalShock PistolCivil Engineer, Computer Repair Specialist, Toy Manufacturer, Security Officer
LTL GoblinNon-LethalShock RifleTransient, Landlord
LTL MP9Non-LethalFully Automatic Shock SMGForensic Scientist, War Correspondent
LTL MPXNon-LethalFully Automatic Shock SMGCashier
LTL Dart Gun (Unique)StunningShoots numbing arrowsAnesthetist, Chemist, Pediatrician, Veterinarian
LTL M1014Non-LethalShock ShotgunVendor
M249LethalLight Machine GunAlbion Representative, Dean
M590LethalSemi-automatic ShotgunReal Estate Consultant, Marketing Specialist, Vice President, Research Fellow
MCXNon-LethalShock RifleAnthropologist, PhD student, Tax Consultant, Tattoo Artist
MP5LethalFully Automatic SMGSergeant, Veteran
MP5 Silenced (Unique)LethalSilenced SMGTransient
WrenchLethalHeavy Melee WeaponCar mechanic, Carwasher, Construction Worker, Civil Engineer, Vehicle Engineer, Janitor, Mechanic, Roboticist
NEGEVLethalLight Machine GunClan Kelly Enforcer, Interior Decorator, Novelist
Studded TruncheonLethalLight Melee WeaponAnarchist, Dominatrix
P308LethalSemi-automatic RifleAlbion Captain, Nutritionist
P9LethalSemi-automatic PistolAlbion Employee, Former MI5 Agent, Intelligence Officer, Transient
P9 Silenced (Unique)LethalSilenced Semi-automatic PistolAmateur Hitman, Arts Dealer, SIRS Officer, Spy
Paintball Gun (Unique)StunningShoots paintball pellets, disorients opponents (individually)Illustrator, Industrial Designer, Street Artist
Smoke GrenadeStunningBlinds and disorients opponentsAnarchist
REX 357LethalRevolverBeauty Parlor Owner, Sergeant
BatonLethalLight Melee WeaponAlbion Employee, Albion Representative, Security Guard
Tear GasStunningStuns and disorients opponentsLaboratory Assistant, Protest Leader, Receptionist
Overcharger (Unique)Non-LethalShock PistolBeekeeper
Vector .45 ACPLethalFully Automatic SMGTransient, Arts Dealer

Personal Vehicles

The useful ability ” Personal Vehicle” allows certain recruits to access their personal vehicles and other means of transport, which can be called to the current location via shortcut. All other operatives must obtain vehicles by theft – which also means that you may not always have access to the type of vehicle you might need. Operatives without the “Personal Vehicle” ability cannot purchase a personal vehicle.

These Vehicles can be owned by Recruits

  • Available Vehicles: Asteria Prime EV, Atterly Fairlight, Bogen 50, Bogen 50 Sport, Bogen Haikal Ev4 Sport, Cavale LSE 800, De Vale Marquest, Double-decker Bus, Getaway Car (modified vehicle), Ambulance, Landrock Conquerer, Marlott Mk3 (sports car), Matarhorn Routerunner, Nakahawa SC 825 Sport, Nakahawa SX-825, Oscuro Ultra 8, Peyron Ardour, Peyron Hi-Life, Talos Maxera, Talos Solace Estate, Talos Viita, Targ 536-TT (sports car),
  • Available Motorcycles: Agosti Molto-Bene CS, Kurahawa Tourer, Kurahawa Zentura, “Parcel Fox” Scooter, Sayonara S1, Talos Viita Hot

Bad Abilities

Abilities that put operatives at a noticeable disadvantage in various situations can be found in the following categories:

  • Money: Your operative tends to spend smaller or larger amounts of ETO.
  • Hacking: Hacking will take longer than with other operatives.
  • Combat: Your operative suffers more damage in combat or remains longer in police custody.
  • Body: In combat, your operative will have noticeable disadvantages due to certain physical traits. He can also die due to the death related abilities – even when Permadeath mode is disabled.

Bad Abilities and the Professions to access them

AbilityCategoryEffectAccessable through the following Profession(s)
Prior InjuriesBodyLonger Injury TimeMarketing Expert, Street Artist
On ProbationCombatLonger Arrest TimeInterpreter, Cashier, Interior Designer, Tattoo Artist, Con Artist
InflatedBodyAlarms nearby enemies (Flatulence)DJ, Gastroenterologist
FamousBodyAttracts attention in publicFlorist, Jeweler, Livestreamer, Fashion Illustrator, Actor, Sex Worker, Athlete
Low MobilityBodyCan neither take cover nor sprintSeniors
FrailBodyTakes more damagePhD Student, Homeless
Glass CannonCombatTakes/Causes more damageEntertainer, Interior Designer, Chess Grandmaster, Conservationist
ShopaholicMoneyBuys clothes for ETO from time to timeProfessional Shopper, Interior Designer, Sex Worker, Sports-shoe Designer, Theater Critic
Slow HackingHackingLong Hack cooldownsUnemployed, Forensic Scientist, Tax Consultant, Security Guard
HiccupsBodyAlarms nearby enemiesAlbion Contractor, Barkeeper, Financial Analyst, Student
Gambling AddictMoneyGambles with ETO occasionallyLibrarian, Grand Entrepreneur, Risk Analyst, Professional Hitman, Statistician
DoomedBodySpontaneous death possibleLibrarian, Livestreamer, Grand Entrepreneur
Death WishBodyCan die once and for allActivist, Tattoo Artist

Tips and Tricks for Missions

You will be confronted with an abundance of different mission areas and puzzles in Watch Dogs: Legion. These seem confusing or unhelpful at first glance, but our mission checklist gives you some hints that will help you in finding a solution.

General Reconnaissance

  • Where can I find hackable objects? First of all, conduct a scan (“Ping”) and explore the mission area by switching through all existing surveillance cameras. If necessary, initiate a second scan for cameras that are far away from your location. Look out for traps, servers, spiderbot boxes, guns and the like. The ping shows you power lines and their switches when you want to solve puzzles.
  • Are there any noticeable air shafts or spiderbot openings in grids? These are a clear hint towards the possibility of using a spiderbot. Look for spiderbot crates in the mission area and hack those, if you can’t bring your own spiderbot (unlock it for 10 Tech Points under “Gadgets”), Due to their ability to jump and use ledges, air shafts and other obstacles, spiderbots have much more room to move than operatives when infiltrating areas.
  • Where is the mission goal located and how do you reach it? Some servers can only be hacked when you have physical contact with them – either through a spiderbot or by being on site yourself. In this case, look for a spiderbot box (if you haven’t already unlocked one). Should there be no crates, you will either have to infiltrate the areay yourself, or clear the way, or find places where you can hide without having to take out enemies.
  • Are there any square boxes (cargo crates) standing around in the mission area or near the mission area? Cargo crates of any kind are a definite sign that a cargo drone can be used in this mission area. You can kill at least one enemy with a normal crate, if you let it fall on them in the right moment. Pallets with gas bottles should be enough to take out several enemies at once. Make sure to be out of range, as the blast has a strong and large area effect! Crates can block access to air shafts, power line switches or entrances. Use a cargo drone to move the crates, or to use them against enemies.
 Watch Dogs Legion Operative examines switch circuit on a flying drone from above
A view from above is useful here: Having a bigger field of view helps our operative in finding the power switch for this circuit. © S4G / Ubisoft

Enemy Reconnaissance

  • How many human opponents are there? The fewer enemies there are, the easier it is to infiltrate them with your active operative, where offensive action does not pose too many dangers. In areas that are littered with enemies, look out for spiderbot crates – those are a hint towards existing alternative routes. If there are many enemies but no apparent aids, look for cover and plan possible routes through the territory. When you have an operative with the Pocketwatch ability, an area with many enemies is no longer a problem as the operative can simply turn some of them against their own allies.
  • Where do enemy patrols operate? Observe the target area with surveillance cameras, camera drones or chase drones to avoid unpleasant surprises by unexpected enemies. If you know the patrol routes, you will often find a small timewindow or a possibility to take out an enemy by yourself or to separate him from his comrades.
  • Where are the enemy leaders? Enemy leaders have the nasty habit of calling in more minions for help. Take them out with a takedown, nosedive, missile drone or a well-aimed head shot.
  • Are there traps/guns/drones in the mission area? If there are a lot of enemies in the mission area, thinning out this group is a good idea. Activate traps with a hack and wait for patrols to run in by themselves or lure them towards the trap by using the Attract Hack (unlocked for 10 Tech Points). You will have even more options, if you have hacks with which drones or guns turn against their allies (also unlockable for Tech Points). Alternatively, send an operative with the ability “Drone Betrayal Hack”- who can draw enemy drones onto their side – to investigate the area.

Instructions for carrying out Missions

  • Prepare a getaway vehicle: You can never be sure whether you won’t have to flee the mission area. Operatives who cannot call their personal cargo drone or vehicle due to a lack of abilities must take what is on the road. So before starting a mission, steal a vehicle that you can handle well and park it near the entrance to the mission area. Alternatively, have a cargo drone from a public terminal ready.
  • Always reload weapons after usage / collecting ammunition: Depending on the weapon used, you will only have a certain amount of bullets before you have to stop firing and reload. Get used to pressing the reload button after every small firefight to avoid running out of ammo at the wrong moment. Knocked out, armed enemies leave ammunition behind to replenish your supplies. Watch out for ammunition boxes as well.
  • Quiet procedures prevent problems: If you’re not into maximizing aggression, and you don’t want to rush through a mission with a full gun, a quiet approach is recommended: Silenced weapons (some operatives are equipped with one) or the silenced DedSec stun gun (55 Tech Points) allow you to take out enemies quietly. Or you can sneak up on an enemy with active AR Cloak and take him out in close combat. Camouflage the bodies of eliminated enemies with the AR Shroud (unlock for 35 Tech Points under “Upgrades”), to keep patrols from noticing your presence.
  • Impede opponents in battle: Two relatively cheap hacks make fighting and taking out enemies easier – they are worth unlocking very early in the game. Distract opponents with the “Disrupt Hack” (15 Tech Points) and buy time to sneak up and perform a takedown on them. The “Gun Jam” Hack (35 Tech Points) prevents enemies from shooting at you for a brief period of time – but they can still attack you in close combat! Use the gained time to escape or perform a takedown.
  • Break lines of sight: If you have to leave quickly, the game gives you a fair chance at escape. As soon as enemies and their drones no longer have your operative in sight, it’s becomes considerably easier to throw them off your trail by using AR Cloak (unlocked for 10 Tech Points under “Gadgets”) or by hiding in cover in well-chosen places. The decreasing pursuit level on the left side of the screen gives you a solid indication of how long you have to hide before you can finally get rid of the pursuers.
  • Collect relics, collectibles, money and information: Once you have cleared a mission area, the collecting remaining items is a good idea. Take the chance so you won’t have to come back later.

Borough Uprisings in Watch Dogs: Legion

During the prologue (in which you will be introduced to the game controls, important details and the setting) you free Camden – the first of London’s eight boroughs – from Albion’s grip. In general, each Borough Uprising involves several small preparatory tasks and a main task unlocked at the end.

  • You must first complete a certain number of Borough Uprisings before you can unlock three of the more advanced technology upgrades: You need two uprisings to get the chase drone deactivation, four to get the turret deactivation, and six to get the combat drone deactivation

A look at the map will reveal the status of a particular borough: green-bordered boroughs are revolting, red-bordered boroughs are still oppressed. Red icons in oppressed boroughs mark spots where you have to complete the required pre-tasks. Move the cursor to a not-liberated borough to see which tasks still have to be completed (they are displayed alongside the map).

Watch Dogs Legion Map of Boroughs
After the prologue, you will lead Camden into – a lot of work awaits you afterwards! © S4G / Ubisoft

Once a Borough Uprising is completed, Albion’s presence is visibly minimized: roadblocks disappear, citizens demonstrate publicly and actively resist oppression by Albion security forces. Recruiting new operatives is also easier in rebellious boroughs, as citizens generally have a better opinion of DedSec.

  • Completing Borough Uprisings is well worth it: If you successfully complete the main task, you will not only receive a highly efficient operative with useful special abilities, but all Tech point spots in the borough will be revealed on the map as well.

Borough Uprising Requirements

Name of the BoroughPre-tasksMain MissionReward
City of LondonHack the ctOS hub, photograph evidence, carry out sabotageMind GamesBeekeeper +
City of WestminsterSaving freedom fighters, disturbing propaganda (twice)Like ClockworkSpy+
Islington & HackneyNeutralize VIP, carry out sabotage, collect evidenceFight of Flight PlanFootball Hooligan +
LambethDigital vandalism, photographing evidence, disturbing propagandaWheels in MotionDrone Expert +
Nine ElmsNeutralize VIP, photograph evidence, carry out sabotageThe Black Hole of BatterseaProfessional Hitman +
SouthwarkPhotograph evidence, carry out sabotage, digital vandalism, hacking the ctOS hubInformation OverloadAnarchist +
Tower HamletsNeutralize VIP, rescue freedom fighters, collect evidenceDriven to DistractionGetaway Driver +

Tasks and Minigames in the Open World

Collecting Audio Logs, Text Files and Relicts

A lot of background information about the game world and recent as well as significant past events are conveyed through small fragments of information. Everywhere you go you will find audio logs of podcasts, radio shows and other voice recordings as well as text files of all kinds, allowing you a deeper insight into the everyday life of the people in London.

Relics complement your understanding of the game world through unusual and special items. Text files and relics in particular are very varied and are interesting for more players than just collectors and success hunters. Many audio logs, text files and relics are found in restricted areas: Best possibility for this, is when you have to trave to such an area due to a mission.

  • If you collect a total of 50 audio logs in one of the console versions, you will receive the trophy / achievment “Oral History”. If you collect 15 relics, you will receive the trophy “Magpie”.
Watch Dogs Legion operative stands in front of a desk with a audio log lying on it.
Text files, Audio Logs and Relics are scattered throughout the game world. © S4G / Ubisoft

Restoring Bagley’s Memories

The side mission “Finding Bagley” let’s you explore the memories and origins the DedSec-A.I. Bagley. Revealing more would spoil the story, so we’ll limit ourselves to explaining the quest itself. You will be given this side mission automatically after completing the main story of Watch Dogs: Legion.

You will help Bagley find and re-photograph the locations depicted on a total of nine corrupted image files in order to unlock audio logs that provide insight into the AI’s past. Once you’ve photographed all nine locations, you’ll receive a quest marker on the map where you can finish the side mission.

  • Console players will be awarded the “The One That Got Away” trophy / achievement after completing the “Finding Bagley” side mission.

Target Areas of the Side Mission “Finding Bagley”

  • Bagley 1: National Gallery (City of Westminster)
    Get to the “Trafalgar Square” fast travel point, as the National Gallery is located right there. Position yourself below the stairs in front of the National Gallery in such a way that you can see the entrance with its columns and dome above – this is your first photo target.
  • Bagley 2: Millennium Wheel / London Eye (Lambeth)
    Head west from the “Waterloo Station” fast travel point – just like in real life, the big Ferris wheel is hard to miss. Stand in front of the Ferris Wheel while facing the Thames. The two ticket booths on the left and right must stand within your field of vision.
  • Bagley 3: World of Tomorrow (Islington & Hackney)
    Travel via the “Old Street Station” fast travel point and walk east until you see a building with lots of graffiti and an entrance sign reading “World of Tomorrow”. Walk through the gate until you reach a cocktail bar. To the left of the bar is another archway, which you photograph together with the bar.
  • Bagley 4: Brixton Recreation Centre (Lambeth)
    You will find the Brixton Recreation Centre east of the Brixton Station, and generally southeast of London. Look for a man and ball symbol at the corner in front of the building (and with the drone station on the left). This is where you take your picture.
  • Bagley 5: Crosier & Cherry-Pub (Camden)
    The target area is located near the Viaduct Station. Exit the street through a gate into the backyard and enter the pub to take a picture of the counter.
  • Bagley 6: Duck Cottage (City of Westminster)
    Take the “Westminster Station” fast travel point and enter Hyde Park. Just like in real life, you will find a bird enclosure over there. Position yourself in a way that the tree on your right can still be seen at the edge of the picture, while the wooden pavilion on the left can be seen in front of the building.
  • Bagley 7: Wellington Arch (City of Westminster)
    You can go and take this picture while you’re working on “Bagley 6”, since the next location is not far away. Head west from Hyde Park, past Buckingham Palace to the Wellington Arch. Position yourself in a way that the figure on the top with the horses is looking towards you. The focus of your picture is the upper half of the arch – the Wellington Arch doesn’t have to be fully visible.
  • Bagley 8: Guy’s Hospital (Southwark)
    Travel to London Bridge Station and head south to the restricted area of Guy’s Hospital. There might be guards on the way, so be careful not to attract attention. To take your picture, position yourself on the street in front of the hospital and take a picture of the surroundings near the entrance.
  • Bagley 9: Skygarden (City of London)
    The last photo takes you high up to a bar on the roof of a multi-story building, located west of the Tower of London and east of the “Bank Station” fast travel point. Enter the lobby of the building and take the elevator to the balcony of the bar. You photograph the city panorama of London. The Tower Bridge needs to be visible on the left while the London Bridge is standing right in front of you.

Kick Up

The mini-game “Kick Up” lets you repeatadly kick a soccer ball into the air with your foot and then catch it again as often as possible. This is done via Quicktime events, where you have to press the displayed buttons as fast as possible to hit the ball. Every hit within the colored area of the wheel is considered a perfect hit and multiplies all other points per hit.

The operative performs tricks if you manage to land several perfect hits in a row. If he misses, the score multiplier is reseted. The training goals are getting harder and harder, but you will earn better rewards. Additional ETO is earned if your character is drunk – you can get the necessary alcohol level at places marked with a beer glass icon – usually pubs.

  • The trophy / achievement “Could’ve Made National” awaits console players who succeed in completing the six beginner levels and the first advanced challenge of the Kick Up-Minigame.

Bare Knuckle Arena Fights

Participate in the city’ s five bare knuckle arena tournaments to earn a hefty ETO prize – if you want to experience dynamic hand-to-hand combat, that is. All tournaments are organized in the same way: First, you must defeat three amateur fighters before you can compete against the current champion in the fourth and final fight in the arena. In addition to the well-known fighting system, each Arena Champion comes up with a gimmick or two – some use weapons, others throw smoke bombs at you, others fight in groups.

Make use of the dodge option and counter with your own attacks immediately after dodging: This way you avoid damage, and at the same time you can deal a lot of damage. In addition, it can’t hurt to tackle the Bare Knuckle Arenas with operatives who have melee abilities such as “Grappling”, “K.O. Punch”, “Shockwave Strike” or “Strong Counter”, as their attacks and counters are much stronger. Defeat all opponents in an arena to recruit the champion.

Watch Dogs Legion Drunk operative sees everything double in pub
The world looks slightly better after a few glasses of beer. © S4G / Ubisoft

Playing Darts and Getting Drunk

In any London pub, operatives relax the English way with a cool beer and some darts. The goal of darts is to start from a score of 301 and be the first to reach exactly zero points. The last throw must reduce the score to exactly zero and land on a double field or the bullseye. It is up to you to decide which numbers you want to hit before the last throw. The game is deemed to be overturned when the score is 1 or less than 0. If you are bust, all remaining dignity is lost and the points of the round are reset.

Each arrow lands somewhere within the target area shown on the dartboard. If you press the “Throw” button, an arrow is thrown in the direction of the target circle. All the keys you need are displayed at the bottom of the screen as soon as the game starts. If you play with a drunk operative, the throws will be noticeably less accurate, but the ETO win will go up. Solo training games are also available, helping you to become familiar with the controls.

  • Console players will receive the “Bullseye” trophy / achievement, if they manage to play a game of darts at all 21 darts locationsm while using the same character, without changing the operative in between. The “Bottom’s Up” trophy / achievement is awarded when you drink a beer at all 26 drinking locations. As in “Bullseye”, only one operative must be used, and you are not allowed to switch them in between. Selecting a new operative will reset your progress on both trophies / achievements.

Collecting Masks

When DedSec operatives enter a restricted area or engage in combat in public places, they put a mask over their face to remain anonymous. The standard selection at the start of the game is quite modest. You can find fancier and extraordinary pieces everywhere in London: 38 different masks can be collected in the open world and in restricted areas. If you are near a mask, a “Gas Masks” icon will appear on the map and minimap, allowing you to find the mask again, even if you don’t have time to collect it at the moment of discovery.

Watch Dogs Legion Operatorive collects blue mask box on balcony
Our construction worker collects a mask on a balcony at great heights – his cargo drone is parked next to him. © S4G / Ubisoft

Locations with the note ” Interior Area” lead you into a restricted area – therefore make sure to proceed as quietly as possible. We recommend to infiltrate the respective area with a cargo drone first. Afterwards you should look for a spiderbot crate or use your own spiderbot for exploration. You can hack the blue boxes containing the masks through your spiderbot – you don’t have to be on site with the operative for this.

  • There are a total of 75 masks in the game, most of which you get by completing the main story and side missions. Other masks can be bought through microtransactions or received as Ubisoft rewards. The 38 masks available in the open game world are listed in our guide.

Locations of Masks

Camden (3 Masks)

  • Albion Internment Centre: In the northwest of Camden, northeast of Crescent Park, inside one of the locked garages in the interior area.
  • Camden Market: North of Camden Town (outdoors); on the roof of Camden Market (accessible by cargo).
  • St. Pancras International: In the interior to the west of Kings Cross Station, on top of a filing cabinet in a purple-lit office

City of London (5 Masks)

  • London Bridge (two Masks): Southeast of Cannon Street (indoors). Mask 1: Tak a cargo drone and fly beneath the bridge at the northern end of the bridge. Throws a spiderbot on the scaffolding mounted under the bridge, let it run to a small room approximately in the middle and collect the mask there. Mask 2: Description below under “Defalt Mask
  • Roberts & Scott Hall: Southeast of Cannon Street; on the south side of the inner area – it is accessible via spiderbot. You have to control the spiderbot under a bunch of stones and a tarpaulin to access the box.
  • St. Paul’s Cathedral: In the outdoor area south of St. Paul’s Station; between two columns on the cathedral dome on the roof
  • Walkie Talkie Skyscraper: Southeast of the Bank Station (indoors) . Take the elevator to the the top floor and go up the stairs – the mask is located in a locked office, which you reach by crawling through the air shafts with a spiderbot

City of Westminster (9 Masks)

  • Broca Tech: Outdoor area east of St. James’s Park. Look out for four blue barrels on a metal box on the second floor.
  • Buckingham Palace: North of Victoria Station (outdoors); in the northeast corner of the palace gardens, next to the northernmost Gazebo
  • DedSec Safehouse: Run up the stairs in the safehouse
  • Downing Street: North of the safehouse (outdoors); on the south side under a camouflage cover
  • London Transportservice: Inside the building between Trafalgar Square and Green Park, in the basement behind a car that is being worked on
  • New Scotland Yard: Inside the building south of the Embankment; on a file cabinet
  • “Perry Harris” Redevelopment: North of the Horseferry-Road in the exterior area; on a framework above the stairs in the alley
  • Somerset House: West of Temple Station (indoors); on a wooden box in the basement of Somerset House
  • Thorne’s Felts: Southeast of Holborn Station (indoors); in a side room on the second floor

Islington & Hackney (4 Masks)

  • Foodtown: West of Shoreditch High Street (indoors); behind a sliding glass door on the north side of building. Use a spiderbot to enter it.
  • Museum of the Home: West of Hoxton Station (indoors); on the ground inside the small garden building
  • Sandstone Residence: North of Farringdon Station (indoors); in a surveillance room on the second floor
  • World of Tomorrow: Northwest of Shoreditch High Street (outdoors); on a framework attached to the east side of the building

Lambeth (6 Masks)

  • Brixton Barrier Block: In the outermost southeast (outer border of the map) of Lambeth (outdoors); on the roof of the building
  • Brixton Recreation Centre: North of Brixton Station (outdoors); on the roof of the building
  • European Processing Centre: Southwest of Kennington Station (outdoors); it lies on a metal box
  • London Lens: North of Waterloo Station (indoors); on the east side of the exterior in a locked room that you have to unlock by hacking first
  • MI6 Building: North of Vauxhall Station (outdoors); on the west side of the building roof
  • Xcess: North of Elephant & Castle Station (outdoors); on the roof of the building

Nine Elms (2 Masks)

  • Battersea Power Station: To the west of Nine Elms (indoors); on the fortifications above the Caramont Store
  • Embassy Gardens: Southeast of the Embassy Station (outdoors) – on one of the balconies of the building

Southwark (6 Masks)

  • Martlet’s Nest: Northeast of Elephant & Castle Station (outdoors); on the roof of the building
  • Nexus Tower: Southeast of London Bridge Station (indoors); in a ventilation shaft in Nexus Tower (accessible by spiderbot)
  • Rotherhithe Docks: Northeast of Tidis Station (outdoors); on a metal box behind a wire fence at the northern end of the docks
  • Southwark Incinerator: South of the Old Kent Road station (indoors); on a metal shelf on the top floor
  • The Mix: North of Walworth Road Station (outdoors); on some freight containers near the southern edge of the station
  • Tidis: East of Tidis Station (indoors); in the stairwell inside the building

Tower Hamlets (3 Masks)

  • Cemetery Park: Northeast of Bethnal Green Station (indoors); in a building on the west side of the park
  • Helmsmans Tracks: Southeast of Shoreditch High Street; in a server room that you reach by solving a circuit puzzle
  • Limehouse Garden: East of Shadwell Station (outdoors); on the second highest balcony ( view from the roof)

Finding the Defalt-Maske (City of London)

DJ JB Markowicz’s Defalt Mask from Watch Dogs 2 probably the most iconic mask. Go to the Cannon Street Station (near the Londong Bridge) at around 01:50 a.m. and exit the station southwards in the direction of the Thames. To your right you will see a brick building with an archway. Go through it and look for a ladder on the left side when you passed the archway halfway through. This ladder leads you directly into the water. Climb down, let yourself fall into the water and wait on the right side of the ladder at the mossy metal door. This door opens at 02:00, and reveals the way to a hidden party. Enter the room and collect your mask under a table on a stage covered in DJ gear.

Completing Parcel Fox Deliveries

Throughout the city you will find orange-colored “Parcel Fox” stations where you can accept delivery jobs. Use the provided scooters to drive through London’s streets and get the parcel to its destination in time. All packages have one or more special delivery conditions: Some parcels must be delivered within a certain time limit. Fragile cargo must be delivered to its destination undamaged – i.e. without accidents. If your cargo is dubious, you start the job with an initial wanted level, which you have to get rid of before delivery. If you manage to deliver the cargo to the destination in its entirety and in accordance with the delivery conditions, you will receive full payment for the order – otherwise there will be deductions.

  • Console gamers will receive the “DedSec Delivery” trophy / achievement after completing 20 “Parcel Fox” deliveries.
Watch Dogs Legion Operative examines existing Parcel Fox delivery orders in the delivery menu
Pending delivery orders are displayed in the Parcel Fox menu along with their accompanying delivery conditions – in this case, we have to start with wanted level 2. © Ubisoft

Finishing Paste-Ups

You can paint propaganda motifs on the walls at a total of 47 locations in the city and collect ETO in return: The more difficult the areas are for you to reach, the higher the earnings. Clever DedSec operatives therefore approach the city with a cargo drone and spare themselves tedious climbing actions. Paste-ups can be identified on the map by the “color roll” icon. Successfully finishing a paste-up unlocks a new motif by the way.

  • After finishing all 47 paste-ups in London, you will receive the trophy / achievement “Piece de Resistance” in the console versions.

Collecting Tech Points

Tech Points are one of the most important resources for your progress in the game: They unlock new gadgets, hacks, upgrades and weapons for your DedSec operative. You can identify them by a green square icon on the map. If you have led one or more of London’s eight boroughs into an uprising, all Tech Points remaining in the borough will be revealed on the map. In all other cases, you will have to be close to the Tech Points to see their icon on the map.

Many Tech Points can only be found in restricted areas. So make sure to collect them during missions that lead you into restricted areas. If you are close to a Tech Point symbol but cannot reach the corresponding box, get either a cargo drone, or throw a spiderbot to search for alternative routes in the area. The presence of a spiderbot box is often an hint that there is a way to solve the problem with at least one spider bot.


Unlike PC players, console players can commit themselves to Achievement Hunting in Watch Dogs: Legion. There are 41 achievements (1,000 gamerscore) in total, from which you can earn 40 trophies (1x Platinum, 2x Gold, 19x Silver and 18x Bronze). You won’t miss any of these trophies while playing through the main game, because all necessary side missions and other activities needed to unlock trophies are still accessible after the end of the main story.

Regular Trophies

CompletionistPlatinumGet all other Trophies
Making Friends15BronzeRecruited an operative after completing “Reporting For Duty” main mission
Rise Up30SilverMade one borough rebel
Take Back London70GoldCaused all eight boroughs to rebel (more on this in the section “Borough Rebellion”)
Every Walk of Life30SilverComposed a DedSec team consisting of operatives with 20 different professions
Meta-Gaming15BronzeRecruited a Video Game-Designer (Tip: This profession is extremely rare, so be sure to recruit the Video Game-Designer, if he is choosable from the first selection of operatives. If no- check out the surrounding areas near the Brixton leisure center in Lambeth.)
Down to the Wire30SilverPerform 5 “Stealh Takedowns” with a professional hitman
Death From Above30SilberKill five Albion guards with the drone expert’s “Dive Bomb” ability
NO NOT THE BEES!30SilverNeutralize 10 Albion guards with the Beekeeper’s “Bee Swarm” ability
Hack the Planet30SilverUse the hacker’s “Viral Hacking” ability to pass a hack onto 8 targets simultaneously
Shaken Not Stirred30SilverJam the weapons of 5 Albion Guards simultaneously through the Spy’s ” Spy Watch ” ability
Power To The People30SilverCall allies with the football hooligan’s ability “Rally Cry” and let them defeat 3 Albion guards in battle
Paint Me Like One Of Your…30SilverStunned Clan Kelley members five times with head shots from the paintball gun of the street artist
Throw The Book At Them30SilverDisable five enemies with the ability “Arrest” of an Albion Contractor (you can find this ability in the top left corner of the Albion Contractor’s action wheel -it’s the handcuff symbol)
The Royal Tour30SilverRecruit a Royal Guard (at Buckingham Palace) and enter the restricted area surrounding the palace in their work clothing.
You Don’t See Me!30SilverEscape Wanted Level 5 by using the the “Statue pose” emote of the Living Statue
Could’ve Made National15BronzeComplete Kick Up challenge intermediate 1 (master the 6 beginner levels and the 1st advanced level)
Bullseye15BronzeCompleted a dart game at every dart location in the city (solo practice game is sufficient – however, the achievement must be completed with the same character and no change in between)
Piece de Resistance15BronzeFinish the Paste-Up at each of the 47 Paste-Up locations in the city
Zum Wohl!15BronzeDrink once at each drinking location in the city (achievement must be completed with the same character, with no change in between).
DedSec Delivery15BronzeComplete 20 “Parcel Fox” Deliveries
All About Aesthetic30SilverPurchase a weapon design
Re-Wrap My Whip30SilverPurchase a vehicle paintwork for a personal vehicle
Fresh Threads30SilverPurchases clothes for a total of 100,000 ETO
Fully Kitted30SilverUnlock all upgrades
Locked and Loaded30SilverUnlock all upgrades for each of the four DedSec weapons
Oral History30SilverCollect 50 Audio Logs
Magpie30SilverCollect 15 Relicts

Secret Achievements

Brave New World15BronzeComplete “Operation Westminster” (achieved automatically after the prologue)
The Future Is Bright15BronzeComplete the 404 storyline (achieved automatically after finishing the 404 chapter)
Long Live the Queen15BronzeComplete the Kelley-Storyline (achieved automatically after finishing the Kelley chapter)
Hacker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy15BronzeComplete the SIRS storyline (achieved automatically after finishing the SIRS chapter)
When Good Men Do Nothing15BronzeComplete the Albion storyline (achieved automatically after finishing the Albion chapter)
Divided We Fall90GoldComplete the DedSec storyline (achieved automatically after finishing the DedSec chapter)
The One That Got Away15BronzeComplete the “Finding Bagley” side mission (mission is automatically unlocked after finishing the DeadSec chapter)
The Nick of Time15BronzeComplete the “Change of Heart” side mission (mission is automatically unlocked in the DedSec Safehouse after rescuing Kaitlin)
A Roof Over Your Head15BronzeComplete the “Royal Treatment” side mission (mission is given by Nowt in the DedSec Safehouse after finishing the 404 chapter)
England For Everyone15BronzeComplete the “Parks and Reclamation” side mission (Interact with the laptop in the DedSec Safehouse after finishing the Albion chapter to receive the sidemission from Hamish. You may receive more missions of this kind)
A Dish Best Served Cold15BronzeComplete a Revenge Mission (You receive Revenge Missions when one of your operatives gets kidnapped. This can happen randomly after the successful completion of a mission – Bagley will contact you in such a case)
And Stay Down15BronzeKilled a DedSec Opponent (Kill enemy with the “Hates DedSec” marker)

Translation by: Dennis Anjuschin

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