Divinity: D&D-Edition

Baldur's Gate 3: "Kitchen Impossible" for nostalgics


The gameplay of Baldur's Gate 3 has finally been presented. And the question is: Can a good chef recreate a perfect dish?

Note: This is the sole opinion of the author at this point in time and taking into account the information available to date.

I'm one of those old guys who loves the Baldur's Gate saga like no other game. I' ve been up and down the Sword Coast a whopping seven times, beating up Jon Irenicus, defeating Demogorgon and cutting down the Bhaal children to size.

What makes saga so great? An excellently told story, credible characters with personality, tough and tactical battles that are often decided on razor's edge, powerful items with their own very well told stories and a coherent world.

With its isometric view and fixed camera, the Infinity engine leaves plenty of room for imagination. Portraits play an important role here: the appearance of the character in the painted picture is transformed in my head into a movie every time one of these guys gets involved in a conversation or when a decision has to be made.

Time stop: When hell breaks loose in real time

Then there are the real-time fights wit…

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Time stop: When hell breaks loose in real time

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Baldur's Gate 3: "Kitchen Impossible" for nostalgics
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Benjamin Danneberg

Benjamin Danneberg

Hat die komplette Baldur's Gate-Saga sieben Mal durchgespielt. Life is Strange-Fanboy, Factorio-Addict, Freizeit-Witcher, Star Citizen-Träumer. Will alles wissen, aber nicht alles essen. Bezieht Stellung gegen Extremismus.

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