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Assassin's Creed Valhalla Walkthrough: Norway


In this Assassin’s Creed Valhalla walkthrough, we present you all the Quests, World Events, and Puzzles that await you in Norway during the first act “Battle For The Northern Way”. We will also show you the locations of all Weapons, Armor, Runes, Artifacts, and the most valuable Wealth.

  • Blue or different-colored bars with a double arrow symbol include texts and sometimes tables, which are folded for clarity. Click or tap on the bars to open them. When using mobile devices, slide your finger to the left to fully view the tables.

In this quest guide to Assassin’s Creed Valhalla you will learn:

  • how to complete all Quests in Norway
  • where to find all Weapons and Armor
  • how to discover all Runes, Artifacts and the most valuable Wealth
  • where you find the World Events and how to complete them
  • how to defeat all Bosses in Norway
  • where you can test your skills in fights against the strongest enemies

In Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, you take on the role of Viking Eivor, who sets off on new adventures with his/her brother Sigurd. The game centers around the Viking’s journey to England and the establishment of a new home. But before you even set a single foot on Anglo-Saxon soil, you first have to fight your way through the icy landscapes of Norway.

You can spend easily ten to fifteen hours in Rygjafylke and Hordafylke before you get to see the title screen of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Gazing at the beautiful landscape with its snow-covered mountain peaks and deep forests isn’t the only thing you can do in Norway: You can find useful Weapons and Armor, expand Eivor’s Abilities and collect valuable Wealth. Furthermore, you will meet some bizarre characters in the nine optional World Events.

How to use this Guide properly

The first act of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – “Battle For The Northern Ways” – consists of 13 quests in total. Eight of them take place in Norway and are covered one by one in this guide. We will tell you the quest rewards at the end of each chapter, and which quests are unlocked next.

We are using a color scheme to mark important information. For one, this makes it easier for you to navigate the guide, as you can instantly tell where to find World Events, Weapons, Armor and Runes, Powerfull Enemies, as well as Wealth or Artifacts.

We also provide you with a small open-world guide featuring an interactive map for the respective location within the game. Just open the blue accordion with the inscription “Discoveries & Events“. This allows you to complete all side-quests and to find all collectibles in the areas surrounding the main quest area in one go.

There are interactive numbered markers on the map. Move the mouse cursor over them or tap them on your smartphone to see what you can find at that spot. The following text describes in detail how to solve the corresponding World Event or environmental puzzle.

The last section takes you on a big open world tour through Norway and its two sub-areas Rygjafylke and Hordafylke – away from the main quest. You will experience some interesting events, find powerful weapons, and prepare yourself for the journey to England.

Chapter 1: Honor Bound

New Mission: Find and rescue your crew

Once Eivor is free of her shackles, run to the fishing village and plunder all the huts and tents. Restore Eivor’s health with rations and cloudberries. Synchronize the first viewpoint on top of the mountain. Head east and run towards the village named Avaldsnes.

Eivor with the Raven Clan Shield in Assassin's Creed Valhalla
Eivor receives the Raven Clan Shield from Dag. © Ubisoft / S4G

Discoveries in Hoettstrand and Avaldsnes

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1. Hoettstrand

Take out the guards from afar with your bow and arrow. Jump over the ice floes and the flotsam to reach the big rock in the water. Climb up and underneath the icicles until you reach the ladder. Shoot the lock with an arrow. Eivor will find some Carbon Ingot inside the chest.

Climb up the small hill on the ice plate that lies in front of it. Look towards the pier at the big rock and jump into the water. Dive down and retrieve the Leather and Iron Ore from the chest inside the sunken shipwreck.

Ashore, you’ll see a ship’s mast sticking out of the ice – right in front of the wreck with the big black banners. Smash the cracked floes, submerge and retrieve some Iron Ore and Leather from the chest at the bottom of the sea.

2. Hut in the forest

There is an old hut right in the center, between the viewpoint and the village of Avaldsnes. A chest filled with Iron Ore and Leather is stored in it.

3. Avaldsnes

There is a Carbon Ingot inside a chest in one of the huts on the southwestern edge of Avaldsnes. The front door is locked. Enter the hut through the window on the backside. There is another chest at the southeastern edge of Avaldsnes. It contains the Minor Remedy Rune (Armor Rune) together with some Iron Ore and Leather.

you will meet Eivor’s comrade Dag in the forest – approximately a hundred meters before the gates to the village. He will give you the Raven Clan Shield. Storm the village, kill the guards and climb over the roof into the main hall (the one with the red banners).


Dodge Rikiwulf’s slow swings and counter with two or three light attacks. Strike with heavy axe swings, whenever Rikiwulf is dazed.


Raven Clan Cloak
Raven Clan Armor
Varin’s Axe
Raven Clan Bracers
Raven Clan Breeches

Thor’s Strike (Orlog Blessing)

Free Eivor’s men in the main hall, and kill the remaining hostile vikings in the village. Run down to the water and climb aboard the longship.

New Mission: Sail home to Fornburg

Sail for Fornburg and dock at the pier. Talk to Randvi to finish the quest.

Discoveries & Events on the way to Fornburg

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1. Ikke en Øy

You will sail past the island Ikke en Øy on your way to Fornburg. Plunder the camp and retrieve the Bone-Biter Axe from the chest inside the large hut.

2. Harvik Shipyard

Harvik’s shipyard is located north of Ikke en Øy and just waits to be burned down by you. You meet a Powerful War Bond Leader in the shipyard. Kill her to receive a Carbon Ingot.

You can find Leather, Iron Ore, and the Minor Toxic Rune (Weapons Rune) on the watchtower in the south. The iron ore and leather are stored on the hanging ship. There is an entrance to a cellar shaft north of it. You’ll find the Recurve Bow inside the chest.

3. World Event “A Desperate Bounty”

Continue north from Harvik’s shipyard until you meet Hrorek at a crossroads. He will lead you to some robbers who allegedly took a hostage. You’ll have to face a powerful cutthroat. Kill them and finish the World Event “A Desperate Bounty”. You will be rewarded with 1,200 XP and some silver.

4. Heillboer

Ride the road further north to reach Heillboer – Eivor’s old home. There is an entrance to a cave near the rocks north of the huts. The chests inside the cave contain plenty of Iron Ore and Leather as well as a Carbon Ingot.

5. World Event “A New England”

On the northeastern border of Rygjafylke lies a little island where you meet Hysing the World-Wise. Help him find the king in the World Event “A New England”, and you will be rewarded with 1.200 XP.

6. Deserted Chalet

A small island is located in the middle of the map of Rygiafylke. In the northern part of the island stands the deserted chalet with a locked chest inside it. Read the journal entries lying around within the house and on the barn outside. Run north to the rocky coast next. Kill the pack of wolves, read the journal entry, and pick up the key next to the corpse. The chest contains a Carbon Ingot. Follow the coast southwards until you reach a catwalk. You find the last journal entry here.

7. World Event “Fly Agaric” (Puzzle)

Run eastwards from the catwalk, and into the forest. Kill the wolves, and eat the fly agaric in front of the three statues. This triggers the World Event “Fly Agaric” (Puzzle), for which you will receive 700 XP. The scroll tells you, in which order you have to pass through the gates:

1. Northern Gate (Thor statue)

2. South-western gate (Freya statue)

3. Gate to the east (Odin statue)

8. Camp

A small camp is located on the coast north of the island with the deserted chalet. Pass by with the longship, and plunder it to get some Iron Ore and Leather in return.

9. Shipwrecks

To the east of the island with the deserted chalet, lie a few shipwrecks on the shore of the cliff. Dive to the bottom of the sea, smash the planks on the right side of the shipwreck and retrieve the Carbon Ingot from the chest.

Quest Rewards:

  • 3.400 XP
  • Raven Clan Shield
  • Raven Clan Armor
  • Raven Clan Bracers
  • Raven Clan Breeches
  • Varin’s Axe
  • Thor’s Strike

New Quests:

Seer’s Solace
Family Matters

Chapter 2.1: Seer’s Solace

New Mission: Go to Valka’s hut

Take one of the horses from the stables, and leave Fornburg via the northwest gate. Ride along the mountain, and climb up to Valka’s hut. Follow Sigurd during the vision. Once you are back in reality, Valka will start asking you some questions. Answer them in any order you like.

Discoveries & Events at Valka’s Hut

Information about the map:
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1. World Event: “The Dreamwalking Warrior”

Northeast of Valka’s hut you can meet Eyvind, a guard that is sleeping during his watch. Wake him up and follow him to the winch. Jump on the small rock next to it and from there towards the rope.

Reward: 1.400 XP

Quest Rewards

  • 1.700 XP
  • Minor Rune of Rage (Weapon Rune)

Chapter 2.2: Family Matters

New Mission: Talk to Gunnar the Blacksmith

Head to Gunnar in the east of Fornburg to upgrade pieces of Eivor’s equipment.

New Mission: Talk to Randvi

Seek out Randvi and enter the main house to meet King Styrbjörn.

Quest Rewards

Carbon Ignot
1.700 XP

New Quest:

Prodigal Prince

Discoveries & Events in Fornburg


You can meet Tovar at the shooting range near the catwalk. There you can practice your bow and arrow skills.

Tip : The harder you draw the bow, the more damaging the hit will be. Go to a fireplace with a drawn bow to set the arrow on fire.

You can change Eivor’s appearance in Svein and Tova’s tattoo workshop. Catch any “cosmetic designs” that come in the form of flying pages, and take them to the workshop to unlock new options.

A Nordic woman sits and plucks a chicken on the hill in the northeast of Fornburg, right in front of the hut. Talk to her, and she will request three deer antlers from you. She promises to show Eivor good hunting grounds in return. The request is listed as a note in the inventory under “Quest Items“.

You will meet Alvis along the way to Gunnar. He teaches Eivor the art of Flyting.

Tip: In flyting, the replies have to be the same in verse and content as the template. Rhyming the ends is therefore not enough. Practice with Alvis until you get a good grasp of the technique.

On the way to Gunnar, you’ll come across a nordic guy sitting in front of a hut, who offers to practice the Orlog dice game with you. On the opposite side of the path stands Tekla, who challenges Eivor to a Drinking Contest.

Chapter 2.3: Prodigal Prince

New Mission: Go to the pier

Meet Sigurd at the pier. You will find yourself back at the nave (dining hall with the long tables) after the cutscene. Talk to everyone in the hall first. Approach Sigurd last. Sigurd’s companions Basim and Haytham will then gift you the Hidden Blade. The assassins will teach Eivor the art of the Hidden Blade on the training grounds. Practice the use of the blade on the dolls, and talk to Sigurd once again.

Quest Rewards

  • Hidden Blade
  • 5.100 XP

New Quests:

Rude Awakening

Chapter 3.1: Rude Awakening

New Mission: Kill Kjotve’s Scouts

Kill the scout that is walking away from Eivor’s house. Send out your raven, and explore the area southwest of Fornburg. The remaining scouts have gathered in a circle of rock formations, surrounded by two large pines. Sneak through the bushes into their camp and kill them with the Hidden Blade. A note with Kjotve’s instructions lies next to the tent.

The longship in Assassin's Creed Valhalla.
We set off for Nottfall with the longship. © Ubisoft / S4G

New Mission: Seek out Sigurd

Run to the pier, and talk to Sigurd

New Mission: Plunder Kjotve’s supplies

Enter the longship, sail off to Nottfall, and set the town on fire. Blow up the cart on the southern outskirts of the city. Talk to Gudorm the Wise and King Harald at the pier, and form an alliance through dialogue.

Quest Rewards

3.400 XP

New Quest:

A Cruel Destiny

Chapter 3.2: A Cruel Destiny

New Mission: Talk to Sigurd

The first thing you do in Florli is to speak with Sigurd in the tower and take up the fight against Kjotve.


Equip Eivor with the two-handed axe. Wait until Kjotve starts striking and keep dodging his attacks. Strike him with two heavy attacks when he is slashing into the air.

New Mission: Unlock the outer gate

Kjotve’s son Gorm calls for an assault. Run along the city wall on the right and climb up the big ladder. Jump onto the wall, kill the Vikings and run to the inner part of the main gate. Smash the lock.

New Mission: Unlock the last gate

Storm the path up to the opposite gate. It is guarded by the Woe-Bringer – a powerful Viking. Dodge the blows of his two-handed axe and counterattack immediately. Leap on the poles to the left of the bridge to reach the defense wall. Smash the lock on the inner side of the gate. Run up to the main house where Gorm is waiting for you. Climb up the wooden ramp and jump out the window on the left.

Discoveries & Events in and around Florli

Information about the map:
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1. Kjotve’s Fortress

A chest containing the Iron-Star Flail is placed inside a high hut on the northern outskirts of the city.

A secret cave lies behind the waterfall on the eastern cliff wall. A Book of Knowledge that teaches Eivor the “Rage of Helheim” Ability is hidden inside said cave.

You can find the artifact Treasure Map “Rygiafylke” inside the small hut on the shore.

2. Hyvlatonna

You can meet the powerful Skull-Crusher Viking on a rock platform on the mountain southwest of Kjotve’s Fortress. Defeat and loot him (Carbon Ingot), and the Wealth in the surrounding area. Northeast of the Skull-Crusher’s location is a tent, which is guarded by three men. Within it lies the Minor Rune of Perfection (Weapon Rune), as well as Leather and Iron Ore. There are more small camps and caves scattered along the mountain to the southwest, which you can loot for Carbon Ingot, Leather, and Iron Ore.

3. Fannaraki Summit

Small outposts are located around the viewpoint on the mountain. You will find Leather, Iron Ore, and the Minor Rune of Agility (Weapon Rune) inside the chests.

4. World Event “Old Man on the Edge”

The World Event “Old Man on the Edge” is located on the northern edge of the mountain. Help the man with his “relocation”.

New Mission: Talk to Sigrud

Don’t talk to Sigurd until you have plundered Kjotve’s Fortress.

Quest Rewards

  • 3400 XP
  • 40 Silver
  • Raven Clan Helmet
  • Order of the Ancients Medallion (Collectible)

New Quest:


Chapter 4: Birthrights

New Mission: Go to Alrekstad

Travel to Alrekstad. Although the city is not located in the Rygiafylke region, you must still visit it during the main quest.

Discoveries & Events in Alrekstad

Hint: Alrekstad is located in Hordafylki, an area that demands strength level 280. So stay calm and don’t provoke any fighting.

Information about the map:
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1. World Event “Battle Born”

You meet some kids after crossing the border between Rygjafylke and Hordafylke at the northern foot of the Fannarki summit. They ask you to help them with their raid training in the “Battle Born” World Event. Playing this game will earn you Iron Ore, Leather, and the Minor Antidote Rune (Armor Rune). You will also receive 1,200 XP.

2. Book of Knowledge “Mark of Death”

Go to the small farmhouse with the pig enclosure in the southwest of Alrekstad. Read the note in the house. Next, you have to dig through the pig’s excrement to find a key. A net with stones hangs from a hook near the shed. You can release it with an arrow. Climb into the pit underneath, and recover the Book of Knowledge (Ability “Mark of Death”).

3. World Event “Renewed Fire”

You meet a married couple in the western part of the city in the World Event “Renewed Fire”. Help them to regain momentum in their marriage by setting their house on fire.

4. Longhouse

Climb into the gable inside the longhouse. There are two chests at the front and back, from which you can retrieve Leather, Iron Ore and the Minor Water Rune (Armor Rune).

New Mission: Meet Sigurd

Talk to Sigurd in the tavern of Alrekstad.

New Mission: Follow Basim

Follow Basim to Gorms camp, after you have finished the conversation with Sigurd.

New Mission: Enter Gorms Hut

Pull the cloak over your head, and stay on the left side. Sneak through the high grass and go to the back of the building. A guard walks up and down the long side. Move forward once he has turned his back towards you, and enter the building through the main door. Go, and look for the Thing in the main house after your conversation with Gorm.

Quest Rewards

  • 3.400 XP

New Quest:

The Seas Of Fate

Chapter 5.1: The Seas Of Fate

New Mission: Finde Sigurd und sprich mit ihm

Enter the main house and attend Sigurd’s meeting. They are forging their settlement plan for England. Agree with Sigurd in the dialogue and leave Styrbjorn’s ration behind. Sigurd will be upset if you don’t leave it behind. Meet with Sigurd at the harbor after the meeting is over. It’s time to set off for your new home

Tip: Eivor should be level 20 and 25 before you cross over to England. Work through the remaining Open World activities first.

Quest Rewards

  • 300 Supplies
  • 30 Raw Materials

New Quest:

The Swan – Road Home

Open World: What to do before the Journey to England

You can still spend a few more hours in Rygjafylke before leaving for England with Sigurd. Numerous World Events, new Weapons, Abilities and Wealth await you. You will also meet some powerful enemies, who test fighting skills.

Tip: Whether you are prepared for the journey to England can be easily estimated by your performance in the fight against the old Drengr in the World Event “Kill the Drengr”.

Discoveries & Events in Rygjafylke

Information about the map:
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1. World Event “Bil’s Comb”

The small bridge northeast of Fornburg leads you to a woman named Bil and the World Event “Bil’s Comb”. She wants her comb back and offers the finder some “time” with her in return. It is located at the bottom of the lake, right next to the waterfall. You’ll be rewarded with 1.200 XP – and Bil helps Eivor to relax a little bit.

2. World Event “Kill the Drengr”

Continue running up the mountain until you reach the entrance to a cave on the cliff of Hildesvini’s Crag. Erik Loyalskull awaits you inside the cave. He asks you to fight him, which triggers the World Event “Kill the Drengr (Puzzle)”. The Drengr is strong. Very strong actually. Don’t fight him until you are level 20 or higher. When he attacks Eivor with his heavy charge (yellow outline), you need to hold the shield up twice and counterattack afterward. Shoot arrows into his weak points (right shoulder, left leg), when he tries to gain some distance between him and Eivor. Watch out for his throwing attacks, though – either dodge to the side or lift up your shield. Erik will reward you with Fafnir’s Fang Spear – if you manage to defeat him.

3. Elk of Bloody Peaks

There is a small mountain lake on the mountain west of Fornburg. That’s where the legendary animal Elk of Bloody Peaks attacks you. There are two small caves behind the waterfall at the lake, and beneath the cliff. You will find silver, iron ore, leather and the Rune of Tactics (Weapon Rune) inside these caves.

4. World Event “The Plight of the Warlock”

You meet a hunter in a forest near the lake between the mountains west of Fornburg and east of Gryttirsand. He asks Eivor for help in the World Event “The Plight of the Warlock”. Follow him southeast into the forest to a hut, and talk to the warlock. Plunder the hut during the fight. You will be rewarded with twenty pieces of Silver and 1,200 XP – regardless of who is still alive at the end.

5. Gryttirsand

In the village of Gryttirsand, south of Nottfall, you will find a Book of Knowledge (Ability Thorn of Slumber). The book can be found in the watchtower – behind the locked door on the first floor. Climb the tower and smash the wooden floor on the second floor. There is a chest hidden in the trenches. Take an explosive jug and place it in front of the stone wall (The one which is covered in ropes and red cloths). Shoot an arrow at the jug to blow up the wall, and salvage the Iron Ore and Leather.

6. Nottfall

There is a guarded entrance to a cave on the southwestern cliff face in Nottfall. Ignore the locked door inside, and climb over the wooden wall on the right. Behind it lies a Book of Knowledge (Ability Throwing Axe Fury). A chest is located in a small hut in the northeast, which contains Iron Ore, Leather, and the Minor Shadow Rune (Weapon Rune).

7. Bandit Hideout

In the mountains west of Nottfall lies a bandit hideout. The bandits have stashed a lot of Silver, Leather, Iron Ore, and even an Opal over there. A Powerful Cutthroat awaits you in one of the huts. In front of this hut hangs a wooden plateau on top of one of the big pines. Climb onto the hut, and jump from the roof onto the plateau. Open the chest and retrieve the Weapon War Hammer.

8. Eikundarsund

A Powerful Skull-Crusher wanders along Eiundarsund’s roads on the left side of the main gate. Shoot a few arrows on him from one of the roofs, to put him quietly out of action. In the main house, you’ll have to deal with a Powerful Woe-Bringer. Dodge his sluggish axe swings, and strike back with light attacks. The chest he guards contains the Yngling Seax Dagger. The chest in the watchtower at the harbor holds the Minor Burst Rune (Weapon Rune), as well as some Leather and Iron Ore.

9. World Event “The Hunt for Honor”

Eivor meets Erlend in the World Event “The Hunt for Honor” in the mountains northwest of Eikundarsund. Give him the chance to experience his first honorable fight by running a few meters into the forest and luring a bunch of wolves towards him.

10. Stavanger

Rolf the Raider offers the World Event “Raider Recruit” on the market place in Stavangar. Help him choosing men for his raids by fighting possible recruits in a fistfight. You will be rewarded with 1.200 XP and 40 Silver.

You meet Sulke ‘the snake’ and the accompanying World Event “The Silver-Tongued Traitor”on the southwestern outskirts of the city. After talking to him, Sulke will try to escape from Eivor. Chase him, and confront him. You will receive 1,200 XP and a bloody key to unlock the chest in his store. There you will find 20 Silver. Whether you kill him, or leave him alive is up to you.

One of the huts east of Sulke’s store contains a chest in which the Minor Assassin Rune (Weapon Rune) is stored. In the hut next door lies a note that tells you something about excavations. Leave the hut and climb down the small slope. Walk down the road between the huts and turn around. Push the cupboard aside in the cellar of the hut with the yellow X and climb down into the shaft. There is a chest that contains Carbon Ingot.

The following answers will bring you victory in the Flyting Battle with Mannin the Wolf Warrior:

Mannin: Have you ever seen muscles as massive as mine?

Eivor: (3) What you make up in muscles, you’re lacking in spine.

Mannin: More than strength, I can boast that my features are fair.

Eivor: (3) They seem perfectly placed to give children a scare.

Mannin: Have you ever met someone so witty and quick?

Eivor: (1) No, you’re quite like your arms: Just incredibly thick.

Discoveries & Events in Hordafylke

Information about the map:
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1. Alrekstoppr Viewpoint

The viewpoint is located northwest of Alrekstad, on top of the mountain Alrekstoppr. A small plateau has been built directly underneath it. Destroy the loose planks, and pick up the Iron ore and Leather from the chest.

2. Ice Cave Helskip

Slide down the ropes northwest of Alrekstoppr, right into the Helskip ice cave. Destroy the ice wall, and climb up the rock on the right side (in front of the lake). Jump over the rocks, and climb the rope up until you reach the next ice wall. Shoot an arrow and enter the next cave section. Read the letter on the barrels and loot the chest. It contains the Minor Water Rune (Armor Rune). Proceed to explore the cave, until you find the second chest (contains Leather and Iron Ore).

3. Cave inside the Cliff

You can enter a cave that is ingrained into the cliff eastwards from Alrekstoppr. Push the makeshift wall aside at the end of the cave, and grab the Minor Assassin Rune (Weapon Rune) from the chest.

4. Bolriksbjorn

Run down to the coast in front of Alrekstoppr and call the longship. Head for the island of Bolriksbjorn in the northwest. You will meet the Legendary Animal “Bear Of The Blue Waters” on said island. The monster requires a Power Level of 310. Killing the beast earns you two meals, leather and the head of the King Bear. Return at the end of the game to face this bear.

It moors in the bay west of the bear’s habitat. Dive into the underwater cave and recover Iron Ore and Leather (two each) from the chests.

5. Hlutorholt

Synchronize the viewpoint on Hlutarholt – the large island south of Bolriksbjorn. You will find a small camp west of the viewpoint, in which you can build the cairn structure Torghatten Rock. You receive a skill point for this. The structure should look like this:

Cairn sculpture at Torghatten Rock in Assassin's Creed Valhalla.
You receive one skill point for creating this structure at Torghatten Rock. © Ubisoft / S4G

Follow the path between the rocks to the southeast until you see some skeletons. Walk up to the rubble, to find the tattoo design (Snakebite Sail) hidden under some branches.

A Fly Agaric (Mystery) grows in the forest southeast of the viewpoint. Eat it, and Eivor will have to face some overpowering illusions. Don’t eat this fly agaric until the end of the game. In the northeastern part of the island lies the village of Hlutorholt. You can examine an Animus Anomaly (Puzzle) there.

On the northeastern lakeshore stands a small ruin, which is protected by a pack of wolves. Ride towards the ruin and leap from the horse onto one of the walls. From there you shoot two or three wolves with the bow until the rest of the pack steps back a bit. Grab one of the oil pots, and blow up the cracked wall. The chest contains Iron Ore, Leather, and the Minor Rune of Tactics (Weapon Rune).

A small island borders the southeast edge of Hlutarholt. A shipwreck lies on the shore. Shoot an arrow into the crumbling ice floes next to it, and salvage Iron Ore, Leather, and plenty of Silver from the chest and barrels on the seafloor.

6. Ulvanno’s Ice Cave

Ulvanno’s ice cave is located on the northernmost mountain in Hordafylke. You need to have a Power Level of about 280 strength to survive the battle – or you can just sneak through the area. The chest in the longhouse contains Iron Ore and Leather – you’ll find the same loot in the prison camp. You’ll find a Carbon Ingot in the camp next to the rock wall.

7. Orvig Neverdeath (Puzzle)

Orvig Neverdeath, the mighty Drengr, is awaiting you at the foot of the mountain, northeast of the Alrekstoppr viewpoint. He is asking for one last fight. However, you can only defeat him with Power Level 280 or higher. If you defeat him, you will receive the Rune of Perfection (Weapon Rune). Steal Leather and Iron Ore from the chest in his storeroom. You find an Opal by the campfire.

Translation: Dennis Anjuschin

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