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The Last of Us

The action adventure \"The Last of Us\" tells the epic story of two unequal characters and their struggle to survive in a post-apocalyptic world. From the shoulder perspective you control the grumpy smuggler Joel, who is supposed to escort young Ellie safely to Salt Lake City. Only the right balance of hand-to-hand combat, firefighting and tactical sneaking will allow you to stand up to ruthless marauders and hungry infected people on this journey.
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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I play The Last of Us on my PC or Xbox?

The Last of Us was released exclusively for Sony’s PlayStation 3 and 4. A version for PC or even Xbox will therefore not happen. Currently, the PS3 version of The Last of Us: Left Behind is a standalone part of Sony’s gaming streaming platform “PlayStation Now”. It allows members to play selected PlayStation games on a Windows PC. Until recently, the main game was also available on PlayStation Now. Maybe Sony will add The Last of Us to the streaming library later again.

The levels of The Last of Us are linear, so you won’t experience an Open World in Naughty Dog’s end-time epos. According to the developers, one reason for this decision was the focus on storytelling. However, the level sections are generously designed and invite you to explore off the tracks. This creates the impression of a much larger game environment.

In The Last of Us you will meet infected people who have been horribly mutated by a fungal infestation. These mutations are not pretty to look at and can cause scary moments, especially in narrow and dark corridors. However, Naughty Dog has deliberately decided to do without classic horror elements, such as jump scares, when developing the game. There are hardly any similarities with other survival horror titles like Resident Evil.

There are fan theories that locate both titles in the same universe. Uncharted would play a few decades before the events in The Last of Us and Drake would be responsible for the Cordyceps pandemic. The foundation for these theories is probably laid by an Easter egg in Uncharted 3, you’ll read more about it soon in our article “What is The Last of Us?

In 2014 plans were announced by Sony and Ghost House Pictures to bring an adaptation of The Last of Us to the big screen. Neil Druckmann, Creative Director of the game, was to write the screenplay. After that it was quiet regarding a cinema adaptation. Recently HBO announced that they were working on a The Last of Us series. Neil Druckmann and the creator of the HBO series “Chernobyl”, Craig Mazin, are responsible for the story and will act as executive producers. Naughty Dog boss Evan Wells is also involved in the realisation. The first season is to tell the events of The Last of Us. The Last of Us: Part II could become part of another season.


Release date: 06/2013
Status: Released
Developer: Naughty Dog
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Genre: Action-Adventure
Engine: The Naughty Dog Game Engine
Available on: PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4
Playtime: 20 Hours
Singleplayer: Story-Campaign
Multiplayer: Online multiplayer "Factions"
Modi: Stockpiling, Survivor, Interrogation
Cheats: No
Languages: English (text/language)
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