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The Sims 4

Sims 4 is a life simulation game in which you create unique characters, control their lives, design their homes and influence the development of your Sims by making decisions. The various Expansions and Game Packs for the game add new aspects like animals, special creatures like vampires or mermaids, new mechanics and skills.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions 

What is The Sims 4?

The Sims 4 is a life simulation, which is often referred to as a Virtual Dollhouse. You create simulated persons, so-called Sims, and accompany their everyday life and their life cycle from birth to death. As a player, you make sure that all basic Sim needs, such as food, sleep and social interaction, are met. In addition, you can start families, have children with your Sims, choose careers, learn special skills and practice them just like in real life. Depending on the traits and skills you choose to teach your Sims, you will allow them to interact with others in a variety of ways and to take action in general.

Typically, you use the Create-A-Sim editor to create a Sim, giving him three traits and clothing for different occasions. You then have that Sim move into a house in one of the three default neighborhoods in the base game, meet the first neighbors, find work for your Sim and make friends. After that, it’s up to you which type of game you prefer: Some players like to build houses or make fancy Sims without using the actual simulation at all. Others found large family clans, whose descendants they play over several generations. Still others try to keep a single Sim alive for a long time and let him learn as many skills as possible – and so on.

Each Expansion or Game Pack for Sims 4 adds a new aspect to the game, such as new creatures like playable Vampires with unique skills or Pets. If you are interested in the specific theme of the Expansion, a purchase is recommended. But before you decide, find out what you’re most interested in and then choose what to buy in addition to the basic game. For the Sims 4, there are many free, fan-created mods that you can use to add a lot of variety to the game.

Basically, it is possible to play The Sims 4 on a laptop, provided that the minimum game requirements are met. However, the larger your neighborhoods with populated households become and the more additional content is in the game, the more the game has to compute in the background. Performance problems are likely to occur if you are not using a special gaming laptop that can compete with a powerful PC.

Unlike many other simulations, Die Sims 4 does not have a clearly defined goal or quests to complete. Rather, the game world reacts to your decisions and the actions of your Sims. For example, if you build a new bar, other citizens of the town will use it in their free time. If you use your Sim to start a fight with another person, people around you will react and applaud you or condemn your Sim’s actions. The Sims 4 lives strongly from what you do or try to do in the game. Even towards other Sims negative actions like insults, cheating in the relationship and theft are possible at any time.


Release date: 02/2014
Status: Released
Developer: The Sims Studio, Maxis
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Genre: Life Simulation
Engine: SmartSim
Available on: PC, MAC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Playtime: 35+ Hours
Singleplayer: Only Singleplayer
Modifications: Yes
Cheats: Yes
Languages: English, German, French, Spanish
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